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Travel to Shal and discover its secrets: the once small cave is now overgrown and even reaches into the nearby Daedric ruin Ashurnibibi.

Permissions and credits

Drop the content of the zip in your Data Files folder, or (recommended) use you favourite mod manager.
MWSE is NOT required, nor is Melchior Dahrk's Atronach Expansion, but our mod will detect if you have those installed and if so will make use of their superior summoning scripts

The safest way to uninstall a mod is with a mod manager.

We are careful to not drastically alter the original cells, so the worst incompatibility you might see is an item floating in Shal.
The grotto in Shal is full of nooks and crannies, if you somehow manage to get stuck between a mushroom and a rock, don't panic, levitate or tcl.

- removed dd01_malakath_blessing, tweaked dd01_malakath_blessing2

- tweaked journal and added scripted messages so it is easier to realize
you need all the missing pages AND the incomplete journal
- shrine blessing reward changed from timed to a (half power) permanent one
- a scripted "Telura's Summon Swamp Myconid" spell is added if you don't have the equivalent spell from installed MD atronach mod.
The platform is still useful if you want a longer duration summon
- lowered the russula requirement for the alchemy lab script from 20 to 10, fixed the script allowing for just 1
- increased light radius of the Mushroomancer's Helm

- Summoning platform does not disappear any more
- tweaked some fungus position
- Added ownership to more Telura's objects
- replaced organic containers under candles with activators

- updated Swamp Myconid mesh
- Shroom rock collision fixed
- Tweak UV maps for house pod and large shroom tree, less stretched, less glow
- "vial" replaced with "flask" in journal page 6
- Removed old reference to void salt in completed journal
- Telura's Journal torn pages are shown as scrolls
- Brewing the potion uses up the items
- Summoning the myconid uses up the items
- Sleeping makes dizzy effects wear off

- tweaked position of a plank, chest in Shal
- tweaked crystal behavior
- touching the shattered crystal after destroying it is no more required for the quest to progress

Original release

Bethesda for the game and the Construction Set
Melchior Dahrk for the Swamp Myconid Atronach (
LadyEternity and Proudfoot for the shroomster creature (
Taddeus for the jar model and glass texture (
Rytelier for Modular Cave Set (
Greatness7 for resizing UV of pyrite cave set
Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.


- Don't attempt experiments before recovering all the notes (2 in Shal, 2 in the Laboratory, one in the Living Quarter, 3 in the Grotto)
- All the quest items you need for the research quest are in Shal
- Moss burns
- Look up, levitate: lots of places to hide loot in a cave
- Mushroom rings are pretty but dangerous