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The idea for this mod came about while I was working on YARABO. In that mod, I had a few powers and togglable spells that, as a drawback, would damage or drain the user's stamina rather than cost magicka. I thought it would be neat to try creating a "blood magic" mod that used health for spells as well, somewhat like how it was handled in Dragon Age Origins. This mod is my crude attempt at trying to implement this idea.

The mod is split between 3 versions; 

- The "Full" version is as I intended, which makes some of the blood mage tutors hostile (one of whom is a vampire), or belonging to specific factions that will deny you service unless you're a member. You thus need to be a member of these specific factions and/or find a way to pacify the
hostile mages. 

- The "Simple" version removes the mages from any factions they might have been a part of,
pacifies the two that are normally hostile, and changes the vampire mage into a normal human, and
relocates her to an alternate location. 

- The "SUPER Simple" version places all six of the mages, and the Odd Ruby, into the Eight Plates 
in Balmora. This exists mostly so players can test the mod right away, and see if they like the 
characters and dialogue. It isn't really intended for normal play, unless you really like the 
idea of these six weirdos openly chilling in a pub. 

In an ideal world, I would have created a new power that allows the player to toggle between magicka and health to cast any spell, including custom spells and maybe even enchantments. However, I am woefully deficient when it comes to coding, or really, anything tech-related. Like absolute boomer-tier deficient. 

So, my rather blunt alternative was to make a whole lot of spells (about 792) that cost 0 magicka, but inflict Damage Health upon the caster as a secondary effect. The amount of damage done is equivalent to how much magicka would have been spent had this been a normal spell.

Because of this, a character with enough magicka resistance won't be that effected by the side-effects of blood magic. With 100% immunity, you essentially have a ton of powerful free spells

It is INCREDIBLY easy to trivialize the game as a result of this, so keep that in mind if you decide to use this mod in a serious playthrough. 

For the most part, the mod simply copies and modifies a wide array of vanilla spells. For certain schools however, there was a lot more variety. Destruction and Restoration make up the majority of spells in this mod, due to how precise and particular a player might want to be with them, as opposed to the more utilitarian schools like Illusion and Alteration. I tried to include as many variants as possible for several types of magic since you can't spell-make with how blood magicis implemented through this mod. 

Of course, due to this, you also need to be proficient in Destruction magic in order to cast any of these spells. This is just a technical side-effect with my implementation, but I actually kind of like the idea due to it being an inherently destructive form of spellcasting. 

Another side-effect is that all spells cost 0 gold to purchase, since magicka-cost is apparently tied to the spells' monetary cost. This is something I would like to rectify, but I have no idea how to. As a result, I wrote the dialogue of the blood mages to imply that they wish to "freely share their knowledge" with you to compensate.

The locations of the blood mages and the "Odd Ruby" are included in separate notes in the package, and more info can be found in the readme. 

This mod only require the base game with Tribunal and Bloodmoon to work. Though not a requirement, I'd highly advise using Arkann's Magic Diversity mod in tandem with Blood Magic.