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Adds realistic healing - out of combat (by default but configurable) health regeneration, better healing the more health you have left and fatigue.
Adds injuries - take or cause to NPCs injuries in combat that require resting properly to heal.
Completely configurable in MCM, increase healing amount, duration, enable in combat, disable inj

Permissions and credits

Update! Version 1.1 is out with healing limited by how long since you've been last damage rather than "in combat" status. The default is 15 seconds so you will start healing 15 seconds from the last time you have been hit.

Completely configurable and dynamic healing and injuries. See below for details.


  • Health regeneration based on missing health and fatigue
  • Healing stops when you take damage and resumes after a time (default 15 seconds)
  • Healing is reduced by running/swimming and full when walking
  • Waiting will now heal
  • Configurable with MCM (allow regeneration in combat, change healing amount, fatigue/health scaling)
  • Injuries! Receiving damage from combat can now cause various injuries that drain attributes (see below for more)
  • Injuries require resting for a full 8 hours to be healed
  • Injuries work on NPCs too
  • Slightly higher chance of injury if lower health/fatigue (also injuries can be disabled in MCM)


Health regeneration (by default):
  • Healing will stop when taking a hit and resume after "out of combat" duration (default 15 seconds)
  • 10% health per tick (3 seconds a tick)
  • Rate reduced by health down to 50% less at 50% or lower health
  • Rate is further reduced by fatigue to a further 25% less when at 50% or lower fatigue
  • Rate reduced by half if running or swimming, so it's better to walk if you need to regenerate quickly
  • Waiting will now fully heal you


Injuries are now caused when attack or fall damage is taken (not magic) which can also affect NPCs.

Default chance to get injured is 5-10% with increased chance the lower fatigue and health you have.

Any injuries require 8 hours of sleep to be healed. And injuries can be disabled in the MCM UI. 

  • Head Injury - reduces Intelligence and Willpower by 10
  • Body Injury - reduces Strength and Endurance by 10
  • Arm Injury - reduces Strength and Agility by 10
  • Leg Injury - reduces Agility and Speed by 10

Recommended mods

No Rest Without Bedsby Kaedius
Great for more realism by requiring you find a proper bed to heal your injuries.

And if you use that, then also highly recommended:
Bed Buddies by Merlord
Fixes issues with using beds and gives you more bed options.


Extract to Data Files and enabled Realistic Healing and Injuries.esp. Requires MGE XE and latest MWSE. (If you already have MWSE, you can just run MWSE-Update.exe to update to latest).

Credits and support

Entire MWSE team!
My amazing partner Ash for all the support!

Please contact me here or on Discord or post bug reports if there are any issues.