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This is the Tamriel Rebuilt app for patching ESP and ESM mod files that need updated to reflect TR_Data.esm having been changed to Tamriel_Data.esm. You'd use this for mods like Container Sounds TR. It's already included in the TR Data download, but if you don't feel like downloading the entire one gigabyte zip file here you go.

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See basic description. The idea is straight forward: If you just need the TR_Filepatcher_v2.jar app, here it is. You also need to have the Translation.txt file in the same folder as TR_Filepatcher_v2.jar file. Keep in mind if you are using Ubuntu and OpenMW you need to install Java 8--not 10. Lastly, if you have any trouble with this error:

´╗┐$ java -jar TR_Filepatcher_v2.jarException in thread "main" java.awt.AWTError: Assistive Technology not found´╗┐

See the solution here: