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After the murder of the local taxman, rumors are running around that Arrille bought a deed to a local abandoned mine and is looking for someone to help clean it of the blight. See if you can take care of it.

Permissions and credits
Taking place after the quest "Death of a Taxman", the player will hear rumors in Seyda Neen that Arrille purchased a deed for a local mine, and is looking for someone to help clean it out. Which this being Morrowind, is more than likely you.

To Begin the quest:
To begin the quest, first complete the "Death of a Taxman" quests, then ask about latest rumors which will bring up a new topic. Then talk to Arrille to begin the quest. Or turn it down. Your choice.

The quest is simple, quick, and uses vanilla content which had not been exploited in the base game. I made this mostly because I wanted to practice modding, and to use a local mine that had opportunity for adventure for low-level characters As Seyda Neen area needed more things to do.

V1.75: Added some world reactivity via miners popping in the after finishing the quest, edited the quest rewards, edited enemy spawns so they will not respawn after killing them, improved the dialogue by fixing grammatical issues alongside some reactivity to how you completed the quest, and improved the scripting so the scripts use an independent global variable for compatibility and improved performance on large save files. 

Future Updates
I don't plan of adding any future updates, unless to add compatiability patches for mods.

Does not change any interiors, exteriors, GMSTs, or anything like that.
The  "Patch for Purists" edits to the "Death of a Taxman" quest was rolled into this mod, so that mod is compatible with this one.
If you are using Alice93's "Cure All Kwama Queens" mod, just place the mod below that one to overwrite the script. 

If you find typos and bugs let me know, but I did have some people bug test it and no one had issues with it. Besides the ungodly grammar and spelling issues .Also used tes3cmd to clean the file. 

Half11- For allowing me to build my quest upon his PfP edits so I can make it compatiable with his PfP (which I recommend!)
Alice93-For allowing to steal some scripts from here.
Abot and PIkachuno (+The Morrowind Modding Community Discord)-Answering my script questions and helping me try add a timer so that the miners appeared after some time, instead of immediately completing the quest.

Bethesda Games Studios- For the construction kit, and making an interesting fantasy setting which I adore more than a decade later. Even if Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 are not great.