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Allows you to become the Jarl of Solstheim after certain criteria are met. The inhabitants of Solstheim will comment on your new rank, based on their personality and faction affiliation.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows you to become the first Jarl of Solstheim. In order to exercise a more direct control over the island, the High King and Queen of Skyrim is looking for the perfect candidate who could become the Jarl of Solstheim. Will you be this perfect candidate? I'm warning you: The price is high. The perfect candidate is a great warrior, who demonstrated that they care about the inhabitants of the island, and who is accepted by both the Empire and the locals.

Two versions of this mod are available: One conforms to official Bethesda lore, in which the High King and Queen grant you the title. Another one conforms to SHOTN lore, according to which there is no High King and Queen in 3E 427, but the individual Holds are all ruled by their separate kings and queens. In this version, the title is granted to you by King Thian, the King of Solitude, (because he would be the one who takes interest in ruling over Solstheim) and all the dialogue is modified to reflect that change.

Features of this mod:

- Become the Jarl of Solstheim if certain criteria are met, a good end-game reward for roleplaying a true Nord warrior
- Gain a Patent of Nobility
- Unique dialogue on the topic "Jarl of Solstheim" from the inhabitants of the island, based on personality and faction affiliation. Some will be happy, others won't care.
- Compatible with just about everything, bug-free, clean, even lore friendly if you allow some flexibility on that term (see the explanation under "What is new in version 2.1?" below

What criteria should I meet to become the Jarl of Solstheim?

- Defeat Hircine as a human, and keep Captain Falx Carius alive
- Defeat the Uderfryke and be the Chieftain of Thirsk
- Be the Factor of the EEC, which means that you should have Raven Rock completed. Side with Falco.
- Be the Knight of the Imperial Dragon in the Imperial Legion and Primate of the Imperial Cult

And then?

Then talk with Captain Falx Carius for the title to be awarded.

What is new in version 2.1?

I have completely overhauled this mod, listening to the advice given to me that Solstheim was not actually part of Skyrim back in 3E 427. You are still named Jarl of Solstheim in this mod, but some people will point out that since Solstheim is not officially part of Skyrim, it is more like a political move by the High King and Queen to provide a legal basis for Skyrim to take control of the island in the future. There is also a separate version that conforms to SHOTN lore, in that version it is King Thian of Solitude who gives you the title in order to provide a legal basis for taking control over the island in the future.