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"Black Tooth Pirates" adds a few small quests, and a rewarding province-wide treasure hunt. It has been designed in a way that should not conflict with other quest mods and is compatible with audio/visual enhancement mods as well. The mod has been error checked and cleaned with TES3cmd.

Permissions and credits
A band of pirates has been spotted off the shores of Khuul. They have made no hostile action towards the people of Khuul but they look like they are here to stay. So far, no one has dared to venture out to their ship to see why they are there or what they have to offer.

The quests included in this mod can be accessed by characters at any level, though some "thief" skills are recommended.

  • 2 new (profitable) quests, both independent of all original Morrowind quests.
  • New lore-expanding characters, including a merchant who brings new 'potions' to Morrowind.
  • Various pirate treasures scattered all across Vvardenfell.
  • "Just for fun" additions and Easter-eggs, including rare items from the 'vanilla' game.

Update (Version 1.1.0 and higher):
  • Includes a new location with special items and new treasure to discover.
  • 2 new characters in Khuul adding new quest and travel options.
  • Adds  more lore than is (probably) necessary. 

Notes: At the time of launch, this plug-in has not been tested with any "overhaul" mods, or with OpenMW.
This mod does not use assets from Tribunal or Bloodmoon.
This mod has been error-checked and cleaned with TES3cmd.

Due to a personal life event of the creator, this mod will not be receiving updates. 

Thank you for your interest in this mod! If you enjoy it, please don't forget to come back and endorse it!