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Wanted posters of you will appear on the walls of settlements and in taverns if you have a significant bounty.

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With this little lore-friendly mod, wanted posters of you will appear on the walls of settlements and in taverns if you have a significant bounty. (500 gold or more.) An excellent way to enhance the immersion of an outlaw character.

Should be compatible with any mod that modifies the cells where the wanted posters are. They are literally just a new item added into that particular cell. Also, there are no known bugs, and the mod is clean.

The majority of the posters will be on Vvardenfell, but there will be some in Mournhold too, because if commit a crime in Mournhold, it wouldn't be immersive if there weren't any wanted posters around there. Sadly, at the moment we cannot cater for the needs of TR people, in a sense that there won't be any wanted posters in the mainland, except for Mournhold. If we live long enough to see the final version of that mod, we can return to that, of course. :D

It is highly recommended that you use this mod together with the Bounty Hunters mod, which makes bounty hunters pursue you if  you have a higher bounty than 500. Combined with our mod, you can truly feel that those wanted posters had an effect.

We cannot vouch for compatibility with mods that similarly to Skyrim, make your bounty go away if you leave the region where the crime was committed, and make it appear if you enter that region again. The script, which makes the wanted posters appear and disappear are based on the vanilla bounty mechanism.

To Begin:

Have at least 500 gold bounty on your head, and look for the posters on the walls of settlements and in taverns.


AliceL93 - Original idea when she made the RP guide for her Bandit character, writing, placing everything into the CS.
Caeris - Creator of the script used for making the posters appear and disappear
Pandas - They still exist