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A small expansion and cosmetic upgrade to Vos. Includes optional house for purchase.

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The 'X' in the title comes from 'X-treme lantern usage'.

This is cosmetic update for Vos, done in the style of my other city mods. 

This mod adds four small shops and our new farmhouses, in addition to new containers, clutter and lighting to the Vos exterior. It also adds a lookout, a manor for Aryon's mouth (which appears after you build a stronghold), and a couple of extra traders. It also incorporates some unused NPCs from the CS, and if you're a member of the Thieves Guild they will give you a bit of special dialogue that hints at a quest that might come one-day. 

There's also an optional (very bare bones and basic) house for you to purchase for 5,000 drakes.

This mod is incompatible with other exterior mods such as Princess Stomper's Vos Expansion.

For the ULTIMATE Vos-y Vos experience, I really recommend playing this mod with Tower of Vos + Tel Mora/Vos Lighthouse + Tel Vos Dungeon Overhaul.

As always, thanks to Kilcunda for inspiring this design. Big thanks for Lucevar for inspiration and a few of these screenshots (the good ones . . . not my scrappy ones with no shaders),.