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Adds and Overhaul to the Tel Vos Dungeon..

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Tel Vos Overhaul

-Part of the Morrowind May Modathon 2019-
-Story Time-

I was looking for a place to add an entry to a dungeon i made for one of my dungeon mods and i misclicked and i ended up at the Tel Vos, Dungeon at first i totally forgot about it being in Tel Vos, thats when i looked closer at the "Dungeon" and i have the feeling bethesda rushed it. since Wall and cave parts arent grid snapped right as well as it not feeling like a dungeon..

-Whats Added-

Whats been added to the Dungeon the whole "Dungeon" Had been overhauled since i seems bare and empty as well as lighting and more detail to it.. i have alot added more creatures to fight and aload of hidden chests.. 

-How to install-

This is a one esp mod, drag and drop and are set and ready to play.
-Where is it-

Its in Tel Vos