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Chargen mod. Start your game as a slave at Dren Plantation, and escape from there, before you start your adventures in Morrowind.

Permissions and credits
Nerevarine Unchained

You start the game, and the chargen process at Dren Plantation. You are a mere slave. How did you end up there and why? That is up to you to imagine. But you know that you are destined for more than to be a netch herder and someone who harvests fields. You must get out from there, and explore the world.


- A brand new chargen experience: Be a slave at the Dren Plantation.
- A new, immersive way to start the actual Main Quest after escaping.
- The "slave" class unlocked at chargen: For an even more immersive experience.
- A good two hours of content, if you want to experience everything this mod offers.
- Unique personality for vanilla Dren Plantation NPCs, who didn't have anything interesting to say until this mod.
- A small surprise for you after you passed a certain stage of the Main Quest, which refers back to your humble beginning as a slave.
- Three ways to gain your freedom with their respective small quest-lines (Escape with the help of the Twin Lamps; Be a loyal slave and do a great service for Orvas Dren, and be released; An alternative secret way which is only available for a certain type of character).

To Begin
Start a game with the mod enabled, and speak with the plantation guard nearby.

Bugs and Compatibility
The mod should be bug free, and clean. It is compatible with any Main Quest mod, such as Nationalist Nerevarine.
However, it might not be compatible, or it might only be partly compatible, with mods that alter the Dren Plantation cell. (Testing is welcome).
Obviously, it is also not compatible with other chargen mods, such as The Tempest, Royal Chargen or Chargen Revamped.


Caeris - Scripting, Quests, Dialogue.
AliceL93 - Quests, Dialogue, Director.

Honorary mention to the modder named Grogdon, who released a mod titled "The Life of a Slave" which was an inspiration to us.
Sadly, the mod was mostly unplayable, and not lore-friendly, but we really liked the "player is enslaved in a plantation" idea.