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Reduces the time of construction of Great House strongholds. For impatient people, and for mod testing. Version 2.0 also reduces the time the colony of Raven Rock and Boethiah's Shrine is built.

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In vanilla, if you want a complete, stage 3 Great House stronghold, it takes 20 days, provided that you immediately complete the quest necessary for starting the next stage. It would be excellent in real life, I think that all of us would be happy if they built a house for us in such a short time. However, Morrowind is a video game, and I don't know about you, but sometimes I would be happy if the stronghold was ready more quickly.

This mod reduces each stage of the stronghold from five days to one day. (The first stage actually has two different stages, you have to talk with the foreman at the site after five days, and then a new period of five days starts until Stage 1 is ready) Thus it would take you only four days altogether to have a level 3 stronghold.

Version 2.0. of this mod also contains a modification of the scrips for Raven Rock and Boethiah's Shrine. Each stage of the construction of these would take one day, just like the construction of the strongholds.

This mod is good for you, if:

- You are eager to move into your new house as soon as possible
- If you have left Great House content towards the end of your gameplay, so there is not a lot for you to do while waiting around, and you don't want to break your immersion by sleeping for 20 days
- If you hate that every time you enter the cell of your stronghold, the counter resets, possibly making 30-35 days out of that 20
- If you hate that as soon as a stage is ready, you have to hurry back to your quest giver to do the necessary quest for advancing to the next stage, so that your stronghold won't take an additional 2-3 days, while you are busy with something else
- If you couldn't care less about your stronghold, it is just a chore for you to get that next advancement and unlock the rest of the Great House questline
- If you are a mod tester who makes a stronghold mod at the moment, and needs to spare time

The mod is clean and bug-free, and should be compatible with everything, even stronghold expansions, unless those stronghold expansions modify the vanilla stronghold scripts in any way.