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Roleplay as a bounty hunter, and kill dangerous criminals and beasts for gold, all around Vvardenfell

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This mod is basically all my previous "Bounty Hunter" (Solstheim, West Gash, Sheogorad and Red Mountain) mods combined into one single plugin, since many people complained that they don't want to download several plugins. If there are going to be new regions where the player can complete bounty hunter missions, this .esp will be the one that is going to be updated, instead of a new, separate esp being uploaded.

Are you a bounty hunter, or a mercenary? Perhaps a crusader? Or just someone who needs a little incentive to explore dungeons? Then this roleplaying mod is for you. This mod is inspired by the bounty hunting system of Skyrim, which gave you a small amount of gold if you killed the boss of a random dungeon in the vicinity. The idea is that you will have to hunt down beasts and hostile NPCs that hide in a vanilla dungeon (unused by any quests) of Morrowind, and upon reporting their death, you would receive a small reward of gold. A small backstory is also provided for each assignment (e.g. a Sixth House creature infecting villagers with Soul Sickness, a rogue Ashlander that bothers travelers etc.) for justifying that you have to go there and kill them.

This "bundle" version covers Solstheim, West Gash, Sheogorad and the Red Mountain regions, or in other words, everything that the previous three mods did.

To get bounty hunter assigments, talk with: 

- The Redoran warrior at Gnisis, Madach Tradehouse
- The publican, Shenk at Caldera
- The publican, at Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
- The new captain of the guard at the watchtower in Dagon Fel
- The new Imperial officer at Fort Frostmoth, General Quarters

Features of the mod:

- 22 quests to hunt down dangerous criminals and beasts
- A small reward of gold for each sucessful assignment
- An incentive to explore vanilla dungeons that are unused by vanilla quests
- Excellent roleplaying opportunity for the bounty hunter, mercenary, or crusader characters
- Little stories for each assignment that will hopefully make it look like that Morrowind is a living place, where things actually happen
- Clean, bug-free, lore friendly, compatible with everything


Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon to run