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Roleplay as a bounty hunter, and kill dangerous criminals and beasts for gold, all around Vvardenfell

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  • Polish
Are you a bounty hunter, or a mercenary? Perhaps a crusader? Or just someone who needs a little incentive to explore dungeons? Then this roleplaying mod is for you. This mod is inspired by the bounty hunting system of Skyrim, which gave you a small amount of gold if you killed the boss of a random dungeon in the vicinity. The idea is that you will have to hunt down beasts and hostile NPCs that hide in a vanilla dungeon (unused by any quests) of Morrowind, and upon reporting their death, you would receive a small reward of gold. A small backstory is also provided for each assignment (e.g. a Sixth House creature infecting villagers with Soul Sickness, a rogue Ashlander that bothers travelers etc.) for justifying that you have to go there and kill them.

To get bounty hunter assigments, talk with: 

- The Redoran warrior at Gnisis, Madach Tradehouse
- The publican, Shenk at Caldera
- The publican, at Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk
- The new captain of the guard at the watchtower in Dagon Fel
- The new Imperial officer at Fort Frostmoth, General Quarters

Features of the mod:

- 22 quests to hunt down dangerous criminals and beasts
- A small reward of gold for each sucessful assignment
- An incentive to explore vanilla dungeons that are unused by vanilla quests
- Excellent roleplaying opportunity for the bounty hunter, mercenary, or crusader characters
- Little stories for each assignment that will hopefully make it look like that Morrowind is a living place, where things actually happen
- Clean, bug-free, lore friendly, compatible with everything


Requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon to run