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This mod implements all 16 common diseases to creatures according to the lore. The original game only implemented a handful of them.

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In the base game, only a relative handful of the diseases the lore claims there are can be caught in game. This mod adds all 16 common diseases to the various creatures according to lore.

This mod was inspired by Diseases Restored by Half11. I loved the concept of his mod, but Half11 added the diseases so that all creatures were diseased. I wanted a mix of healthy and diseased creatures so I made this version. In this one, I added new creatures for the specific disease they're supposed to have and integrated them in the leveled lists so you might end up coming across a rat with witbane or one with rust chancre, for example.

The game developers named creatures a little inconsistently. For example, in vanilla Morrowind there were Scribs, Diseased Scribs and Blighted Scribs; however, Kwama Foragers were kwama foragers whether they were healthy or had blight and didn't have common disease at all.

Thus, I made two .esp files. Just use one of these:
Diseased Creatures v1.0-ID - This names all creatures appropriately, even the ones that weren't named by the game devs: Kwama Forager, Diseased Kwama Forager and Blighted Kwama Forager, for example.

Diseased Creatures v1.0-noID - This removes all indicators of whether a creature is healthy or diseased from their name.
For noID, there is one exception: I did not change the name of the blighted game rats for the Hlaalu quest in Vivec.

I tried to get the stats of the diseased creatures to be more or less on par with other diseased creature stats of their type. In the leveled lists, the creatures should show up at the times other diseased creatures will. I don't claim to have this perfect but I tried to put them in at levels I thought were reasonable.

Some of the diseased creatures already have the disease the lore states they have but several don’t. For example in the vanilla game, alit have Ataxia but according to lore, they're supposed to get rockjoint. So, I changed alit’s disease to rockjoint.

WARNING: You will spend a lot more time affected by a disease, sometimes more than one. If you don't already, you will want to pay attention to your cure potions and restore attribute potions and spells.