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Sharpen your blades, temper your clubs. Get Sharp is here. Please read full description for further details.
Now adds a blacksmith to the fort Buckmoth in Ald-Ruhn.

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Ever wanted to sharpen that blade, just a little bit more? Or that axe that seems a little dull? What about, that hammer of yours. Could it do with a tad more of a thump to it? If the answer is yes, then this mod is for you.

Visit our Blacksmith at Fort Pelagiad and Fort Buckmoth in Ald-Ruhn, and get sharpening and tempering.

  • MWSE scripted, for a faster, better experience.
  • All new models and sounds for the Blacksmith.
  • Sharpen/ temper at your own risk. Game mechanics used for your armourer skill. Not good enough? You might just damage that Claymore!
  • Sharpened and tempered weapons have a longer life and higher stats.
  • Dulled weapons will drop in life and stats. Tooltips will clearly display this. In red!
  • The Blacksmith's vice offers unlimited repairs.
  • Get Sharp will attempt to sharpen or temper any weapon, even one from another mod.

Simply unzip the file and place the contents in your Morrowind folder and you're good to go.

We strongly suggest you use Wrye Mash to sort your load order before using this (and any other mod) modification.

Updated MWSE ( This comes with MGE XE, please navigate to "MWSE Update" in your Morrowind folder and double click it to ensure you have the latest offering ).

We have tried to make this mod as compatible as possible. Sorry OpenMW, without MWSE, it just won't work.

Morrowind Rebirth 5 - A version is available to work with this in the files menu!

This mod "should" work with any other mod, providing it does not touch the small part of Fort Pelagiad we have used to place the Blacksmith.

This mod is the first part of a full Blacksmith crafting mod and is currently being worked on by Miamian and myself (RubberMan)

It will feature crafting of new weapons of your own design in a "mix and match" environment. Shields, and possibly armours will also be available to craft in the near future using parts from existing weaponry.

My book on learning to model is available on Amazon here; An Introduction to Modelling

Greatness7; My Morrowind Mods

Morrowind Modding Community Discord - Modders only please!!