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Complete Larrius Varro's "little favor", and the Thieves Guild will ask you to finish the job and wipe the Camonna Tong from Vvardenfell.

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Created for May Modathon 2019

Strike at the Camonna Tong
By ProfArmitage

Have you ever wanted to eliminate the Camonna Tong, but didn't know where they were without checking the Construction Set or the wiki?  If so, then this is the mod for you.  

After completing Larrius Varro's "bloodbath" quest, speak to any of the three main Thieves Guild bosses about the Camonna Tong, and they'll give you the information you need to hunt down these violent gangsters.

Your final reward, in both gold, items, and Faction Reputation, will vary depending on your actions during the quest.  Upset the Thieves Guild, and you'll receive less.  Go beyond the call of duty, and get more.  Anywhere from 5,000 gold to 15,000 in gold and items can be yours.

If you're a member of the Fighters Guild and have completed the code book quest, completing this quest will allow you to join the Thieves Guild once you're done.
With the new "Fast" esp, you'll be able to join as soon as the quest starts.

In the vanilla game, there are four high level members of the Thieves Guild living at Dren Plantation.  This is strange, since Dren Plantation is the headquarters of the Camonna Tong, and they're at war with the Thieves Guild.  It's possible that they were meant to be spies, but it isn't mentioned in-game, and four powerful spies is excessive.  This mod changes those NPCs to members of the Camonna Tong, turning the Plantation into a den of powerful enemies.

This mod only uses vanilla Morrowind scripting, so it should be completely compatible with OpenMW.

This mod will almost certainly conflict with mods that require the Camonna Tong to remain alive, such as Join the Camonna Tong or Liberate Morrowind (I think).
It will also conflict with my earlier Thieves Guild Regained Trust.  This mod does the same thing, but in a more elaborate fashion.

Install on only one of the two esps.
Strike at the Camonna Tong.esp
The original mod.  If you've completed the code book quest for the Fighters Guild, you'll be able to join the Thieves Guild after finishing this quest.

Strike at the Camonna Tong-Fast.esp
If you've completed the code book quest for the Fighters Guild, you'll be able to join the Thieves Guild at the start of this quest, like my earlier Thieves Guild Regained Trust.