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This mod adds ten new Thieves' Guild quests to Gnaar Mok. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

Have you noticed that the only Thieves' Guild guildhall that does not offer any quests is the Druegh-jigger's Rest in Gnaar Mok? Not anymore! This mod offers ten new quests for thief characters who are in the guild. To begin, talk with Wadarkhu, the Khajit, as a Thieves' Guild member.

Features of the mod:

- Ten new quests (which is more than any of the vanilla individual Thieves' Guild quest-givers offer) with rewards
- Eliminate the Camonna Tong in Gnaar Mok
- Set up a new smuggling operation for the Thieves' Guild in the town, step by step, and make it prosperous
- Break into Vvardenfell's toughest prison, to free fellow guild members
- Steal Mistress Dratha's prized artifact for a client
- And much more!
- Should be compatible with all the major Thieves' Guild mods (Thief Companion Constance; Haldenshore; Havish; South Wall, Den of Iniquity; Tamriel Rebuilt etc.) -> If I'm wrong, please let me know!
- Also compatible with the major mods that modify Gnaar Mok, such as the various LGNPC mods.

What is new in Version 1.1? (Published on 14/06/2019)

- Bugfixes

Version 1.2:

- Cleaning


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