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This little mod overhauls the vanilla quest "The Corpse and the Skooma Pipe." There will be several new choices the player can take and also several consequences. Part of the May Modathon Month

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Part of the May Modathon Month

Some of the Morrowind quests are excellent, and one may replay them several times and remember them for a long time. Others are pretty meh. The quest "The Corpse and the Skooma Pipe" is such a quest, in my opinion. But not anymore! With this mod, seven new choices are added to the quest, and seven different outcomes based on the player's choice. (Not including the two choices that are already present in the game.) Hopefully with this roleplaying mod, every character can find a suitable outcome, regardless of personality and faction affiliation.

The mod should be compatible with pretty much every other mod.

Spoilers! Here are all the choices and outcomes that are possible with this mod:

Vanilla choice:
Deliver the skooma pipe to Tsiya. Get 50 gold and 10 portions of Moon Sugar.

Vanilla choice 2: Lie to Tsiya that you have found nothing on the corpse. Keep the Skooma pipe.

Mod choice 1: Report this incident to the guards. Tsiya will be arrested, and you can occupy her house, if you want.

Mod choice 2: Report this incident to the Tribunal Temple. They will destroy the pipe and the note, and give you a skill book, one of the lessons by Vivec.

Mod choice 3: Tell the news to the Thieves' Guild. They will be happy that they can possibly take over the business of a rival drug dealer. They will give you a useful ring for thieves. (Chameleon enchantment.)

Mod choice 4: Sell the skooma pipe to Ra'Virr. 200 gold.

Mod choice 5: Give the skooma pipe to Ajira. Some low-level, but useful potions.

Mod choice 6: Sell the skooma pipe to Vorar Helas. 150 gold.

Mod choice 7: Give the skooma pipe to Caius Cosades. A low-level, but once again useful weapon.


Just Morrowind.