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AliceL93 - Caeris feat RubberMan01

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An Imperial Legionnaire follower named Publius Claudius with his own backstory and quest. Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

In 3E 427, the most hostile province of the Empire is Morrowind. For this reason, General Darius from the Imperial Legion has invented a new method of training to keep his recruits alive: Each legionnaire will get a partner, and they will complete their duties together, until they are ready to survive on their own. With this mod, your partner will be Publius Claudius, a young, and perhaps somehow naive man from Cyrodiil. Upon joining the Legion you will have the opportunity  to team up with him and do the Legion quests with him on your side. To start the mod just talk with General Darius immediately after you joined. (Wear a proper uniform, of course. :) )


- Just Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

Features of this mod:

- A follower named Publius Claudius with his unique backstory
- A long personal quest by him, which is intertwined with the Legion questline (See the walkthrough enclosed, if you get stuck!)
- He also provides commentary on each of the Legion quests, based on your choices, if applicable.
- Personality: Lawful good, highly loyal to the Empire and the Legion (might scold the player for morally wrong choices)
- Some Easter eggs and references to movies such as The Princess Bride or Yojimbo
- Must be compatible with everything

Companion features (Script created by Caeris and RubberMan01 - Thank you so much!)

- Increased acrobatics, athletics, and speed so he won't stay behind
- Levitates and water walks when you do
- Companion share
- Repairs your equipment
- Warps to you
- Does not teleport with the player, however this function should work fine with Melian's Teleport Mod, which most people use, as I learned.