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About this mod

Modernizes combat by removing the dice roll hit chance and changing parts of the game that were built around it. If it looks like an attack will hit then it will, assuming it doesn't get blocked. Other popular gameplay tweaks people use to modernize the game are also included.

Permissions and credits
  • French
Part of May Modathon Month 2019

Voted a Mod of the Month June 2019

Better Balanced Combat (BBC) is my attempt to modernize the dated Morrowind combat system without the use of MWSE while also fixing issues that arise when setting the hit chance to 100%. No MWSE dependency means that it also works with OpenMW and TES3MP.

Unique to this combat mod

  • No MWSE or MGE dependency
  • All gameplay issues related to setting hit chance to 100% are addressed
  • Works with ranged weapons
  • All effects of this mod are applied in a way that they are shown to the player
  • Only one single ultra lightweight script is used
  • Weapon range, damage, and focus changes
  • Also implements other popular gameplay tweaks
  • Custom installer to only install the features you want

Detailed changes

Applies to Player, NPCs and Creatures
  • 100% chance to hit
  • 20pt Speed boost
  • Magicka regen at 1pt per second
  • Fatigue regen at 1pt faster per second

Only applies to Player
  • Strength boost up to 20pts based on drawn weapon and weapon skill level (1pt for every 5 skill levels) to make weapon skills useful
  • Burden 5pts for every 5 weapon skill levels with drawn weapon type to even out Strength boost carry weight buff
  • Removes some annoying combat messages such as the one that appears when your enchanted weapon is out of charge

Only applies to NPCs and Creatures
  • General 10pt Strength boost
  • Burden 50pts to even out Strength carry weight buff

Item and effect changes
  • Anywhere the Fortify Attack or Fortify/Drain/Restore/Damage/Absorb Weapon Skill effects are used is changed to do a mild Strength effect instead
  • Anywhere the Sanctuary effect is used is changed to do a Fortify Block effect instead
  • Anywhere the Blind effect is used and is not max magnitude is changed to do a Drain Block effect instead
  • Fortify Attack, Sanctuary, and Blind effects are removed from spellmaking and enchanting
  • Skill effects are removed from spellmaking and enchanting unless you choose Advanced Mode in the installer
  • Rebalances weapons and fixes range issues with a custom version of Chantox's Weapon Range Adjustments and Rebalance mod

Click to see explanations for some changes.

Mod Compatibility

Currently included patches:
Morrowind Rebirth (5.2.1)
Tamriel Rebuilt (Aanthirin 20.02.01)
Siege at Firemoth (only official plugin that needed a patch)


  • Player custom races are compatible
  • NPCs added by other mods are compatible if they use vanilla races
  • Creatures added by other mods are compatible if they use vanilla creature types
  • NPCs added by other mods that use custom races will be unaffected unless you use the included auto patcher
  • Creatures added by other mods that use custom creature types will be unaffected unless you use the included auto patcher
  • Spells, enchantments, ingredients, potions, and weapons added by other mods will be unaffected by balance changes
  • Mods that change how much you can carry based on your strength will have their changes reverted
  • For the time being I won't support mods that patch Morrowind Rebirth and Tamriel Rebuilt to work together

*If you want to use a mod that edits vanilla creature types, races, spells, spell effects, enchantments, ingredients, potions, or weapons then BBC may overwrite some of it's changes. You can load these mods after BBC to keep all of their changes but I won't guarantee game balance if you do. If you load anything after BBC that edits vanilla races or creature types specifically then you must also use the included auto patcher. Don't load anything after the auto patch.

**I no longer recommend using merged objects patches (different from auto patches) with this mod since they can cause balancing issues.


1. Tribunal
2. Bloodmoon
3. Official Bloodmoon V1.6 Patch
GOTY edition already has all these


Download and install with your mod manager, follow the FOMOD installer to customize your install.

For manual install see this for help or watch the video above.

Load the plugins last and in the order they appear in the installer.

Run the Auto Patcher if necessary and load the generated plugin very last (see Mod Compatibility above).

When installing in the middle of a playthrough, some NPCs and creatures you've already seen will not be affected. You may fix them by clicking on them in the console, then disabling them with the "disable" command and re-enabling them with the "enable" command.


Q: What's with the name?
A: Ha, get your mind out of the gutter.

Q: Why did you ruin Morrowind by modernizing it?
A: Look, I get that you like the original combat system. A lot of people don't so let them enjoy this, you don't have to download. To enhance the game and keep the original combat system see Morrowind Balance Overhaul.

Q: Wont this make magic underpowered?
A: This does nerf magic a bit, but I found magic overpowered in vanilla to begin with. Premade spells are typically much more powerful than weapons, and they can't be blocked. Add onto that the fact that the player can completely break the spellmaking system and magic is still a viable option.

Q: How is the difficulty curve?
A: It depends on your class but this generally makes early game slightly harder and late game slightly easier compared to vanilla.

Q: Can I add the auto patcher to the tools section in my mod manager for easy access?
A: Yes, but make sure to check "Run in shell" when adding the shortcut in Vortex or the equivalent option in other mod managers.

Q: Why did you do it like this? It should be like this.
A: Please leave a comment if you think the effects could be improved, I'll listen.

If you enjoy this mod please endorse! Thanks =)