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Adds a Fabricant Guar companion named Gizmo. Gizmo comes with many new features including petting him, giving him treats and folding into an anuic entanglement matrix.

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by Melchior Dahrk

After winning the Runner Up prize for my Tumblr mod giveaway, monaluxstesblog requested a mash up of a "Guar and the Clockwork City / Sotha Sil". So I created a Fabricant guar and made it a well-featured companion.

You'll find Gizmo wandering around outside of Ald Sotha. How did he get there? Only Sotha Sil might know...

  • Metal feetsies
  • Deadly blade paws
  • Upgrade Gizmo with augmentations!
  • Reward Gizmo with scratches, pets, or treats
  • Call Gizmo from anywhere with a special item
  • Install a repair module to let Gizmo repair your gear
  • Send Gizmo to forage around the area for tasty morsels
  • Upgradeable storage capacity to carry more of your burdens
  • Check on the status of Gizmo's health, magicka, fatigue, and mood
  • Improve Gizmo's bioreactor so that he heals more when you feed him
  • Experience emotional turmoil with Gizmo when you visit the Clockwork City
  • Put Gizmo in your pocket with his matrix form to bring his optimism with you anywhere
  • Unlock Gizmo's hidden potential to transform into another more powerful but volatile form
  • Activate Gizmo's musk atomizer to attract nearby guar to your aid (including mod added guar!)
  • Enhance Gizmo's magicka capacitor to restore your own magicka or even fill soul gems
  • Death is not the end for Gizmo once his matrix form is enabled; revive him! At a cost...

This mod uses the alpha and thus experimental and not necessarily stable 2.1-branch of MWSE, currently in development. By using this mod, you're basically asking to be a tester! If you encounter any issues please post a report, ideally on the MWSE bug trackerYou can download the latest nightly build from the link below.

This mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) version 0.10.1. Older versions will not work with MWSE 2.0+! Additionally, it will require the latest nightly build of MWSE 2.1.

If you want Gizmo to follow you through teleports like Recall or Intervention, I recommend using Easy Escort by NullCascade.

I would not have been able to provide all the features I did in this mod without all of the help with MWscript or MWSE Lua coding!

  • Greatness7 - major coding help
  • Merlord - coding help
  • Petethegoat - coding help
  • PikachunoTM - coding help
  • rotouns - coding help
  • RubberMan - coding help
  • Leyawynn - playtesting and Gizmo's sounds
  • NullCascade - MWSE 2.1
  • Hrnchamd - MGE XE
  • Morrowind Modding Community Discord - help with brainstorming