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Vurt and Red Furry Demon

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Tree replacer for TR 18.09 and TR Preview, based on Vurt's trees.

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This mod replaces 29 TR tree meshes with vurt's ones (vanilla-friendly, so no palms or baobabs). I just scaled the meshes so that they would match the originals' size to avoid clipping or trees floating in the air.

Note: if vurt releases an update of any of the relevant mods, this mod will also include it, provided he doesn't mind that.

You need textures from vurt's original mods. It doesn't matter whether you use the meshes and .esp files or not.
Vurts Ascadian Isles Trees Replacer II (v. 10a)
Vurt's Grazelands Trees
Vurt's Leafy West Gash II (v. 2.0a)
Vurt's Mournhold Trees II
You also probably want to use this with Tamriel Rebuilt...

Plugin-dependent (preferable if you want to try out the mod, or need to do some troubleshooting):
Copy the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder & check the .esp in your Data Files or Wrye Mash. Regenerate distant land, if you want.

Move the meshes from Meshes/RFD to Meshes/TR/f, don't extract the .esp file. Regenerate distant land.

Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

This mod should be compatible with anything that does not alter TR trees. I am also working on a version that would replace some trees with these, since this replacer is outdated and replaces only 12 meshes.

You might also want to check out my TR signpost replacer.

QTMGFA (questions that might get frequently asked)

This mod must alter a lot of cells!
No cell edits.

What if I don't use TR Preview?
The mod will work correctly whether you use TR Preview or not.

Why do I need to download the original mods, couldn't you pack the textures in your file?
I respect the original authors' work and prefer to avoid including any unaltered assets, especially if the base mod is up on Nexus.

vurt - all the awesome meshes
TR Team - one of the best Morrowind mods ever