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A compilation of mods that add unique looks to unique items that previously lacked them.

Permissions and credits

Many unique items in vanilla Morrowind did not have unique meshes and/or textures, but re-used generic ones, making their discovery somewhat underwhelming. 

This compilation aims to address this by combining years of work from over a dozen modders.

Vanilla-friendliness is important to me, so while there may be other replacers covering the same items that are better in many ways (smoother, more detailed, more modern-looking, etc), the ability to blend in with the base game is prioritized here.  


If you are not using OpenMW or some kind of mod organizer type thing, you can just copy the Data Files folder from this mod into your Morrowind folder and let it overwrite if prompted. If you do the latter, I recommend backing up your meshes, icons and textures folders first.


Thanks to everyone involved in making these great models, icons and textures and thanks for being open with permissions on your pages, or giving me permission directly so that I could make this compilation.

Here is a list of what is included in this compilation
follow the links below for more images:

Unique Finery Replacer UFR by Alaisiagae 

The Original Unique Jewelry by Remiros, edited to not include any new items or changes to the leveled list  - Included with permission from Remiros
(Remiros' Remake of Unique Jewelry can be found here)

Unique Rings Tweaked by Aleist3r

Unique Armor Replacer Ebony Helms UAR by Alaisiagae and Khan Rider - Thanks Alaisagae for editing Khan Raider's mesh and being open with permissions. Unfortunately it has been over a month and I have not been unable to reach Khan Raider. Khan Raider, if you are reading this and wish your mesh not be included, I will of course oblige.

The Key Mod by Zobator - Included with permission from Zobator

Dagger of Symmachus New Mesh by Plangkye

Unique Dagoth Dagger by Leyawynn

Unique Daedric Sanctuary Amulet by PikachunoTM

Have You Seen the Muffin Mod by Taddeus and PoodleSandwich

The Bloodskal Blade by ATL Team and PikachunoTM
And thanks to Trancemaster for giving me permission to use the unique looks he created for Morrowind Rebirth, for the following items :

- Sword of White Woe
- Saint's Shield
- Azura's Servant
- Shadow Shield
- Shield of the Undaunted
- Darksun
- Stormfang (Particle effect by SpaceDevo)
- Blood Axe
- Clanbringer
- Shadowsting
- The Spear of the Snow Prince

What's FM?

Finished Morrowind - Is my ongoing project based on my opinion that Morrowind was a great game that was just never quite finished. It seeks to fix bugs and add things that feel missing/half complete (like unique items that don't have unique models or textures for instance).

I have been compiling things to tackle for this project since 2014. Google Docs are a work in progress, I will probably make the whole list open to viewing on Nexus and Discord when it is sufficiently organized and checked through. At the moment it is looking like it will be released as a series of mods fitting into 10 categories:

Main Issues
Quest Reactions
RolePlay Options
Less Generic NPC Dialogue
Clutter & Detail
Graphics & Sound
Official Addons
As well as a "Base Patch" which will be more in the style of an instructional guide.

Finished Morrowind will aim to be an easy to install package as much as possible. It will also work in a "S.T.E.P Guide" fashion (perhaps also featuring an installer) if/when permission restrictions make that necessary. 

This FM - Unique Items Compilation will eventually be included with the "Graphics & Sound" package of Finished Morrowind. 

Want to help?

If Finished Morrowind is something you might be interested in helping out with, send us a direct message on here or find me as PoodleSandwich on Discord.
In addition, if you know of any unique items that are not covered by this compilation, I cannot promise that they will be in future, but please get in touch and suggest things anyway, it will be very much appreciated!

So far I know of 1 thing that I would like to see implemented that isn't yet:

A unique model and/or texture for the ingredient "human flesh."