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Vvardenfell bandits II utilizes leveled lists to spread bandits across all of Vvardenfell, as well as overhauls Bloodmoons berserkers and smugglers and expands upon the undead and daedra.

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Vvardenfell bandits II utilizes various regional leveled lists to spread bandits across all of Vvardenfell, as well as overhauls Bloodmoons berserkers. The bandits were designed in multiple levels with more experienced bandits having a chance to spawn in the world the higher the players level, and have been given new equipment, through leveled lists, of course. Expect a more challenging, but still forgiving gameplay experience, just don't wander into ancestral tombs without anticipating ancestral vampires.
Remember when Caius Cosades recommended fighting bandits? Now you cant, at least properly. Expect to find bandits all over Vvardenfell. This is done as immersively as possible. Some areas will be more bandit-infested than others, with some even holding up in caverns. 
Dreamers now roam Red Mountain, armed with clubs and driven to insanity by blight. 
Ancestral Vampires
Throughout Vvardenfells various ancestral tombs lurks ancestral vampires. These vampires are very deadly, especially the dreaded vampire lords.
Alongside ancestral vampires, necromancers can be found in ancestral tombs.
The Undead
A few new undead enemies can also found, including skeleton gladiators, skeleton sharpshooters, and wraiths.
Berserkers are now properly clothed and more diverse.
Goblin weapons originally included a sword and a club, now, goblins can wield swords, broadswords, axes, and clubs, expanded goblin armory for the sake of diversity. 
Dark Seducers
The other ladies of Lord Sheogorath, the "Dark Seducers" are ready to serve! Expect to find them among Daedric Ruins around level 20.
Vvardenfell Bandits II also includes new armor pieces, completed sets of dreugh armor, iron plate, and even morag tong! plus standard armor variants, and more! Now including expanded enchanted loot!
Because Vvardenfell Bandits II only makes changes to leveled lists, it should be compatible with everything, just make sure your leveled lists are merged.