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Playable skeleton race mod! now you can be just like the skeles from Jason and the Argonauts!

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playable skeleton race mod,

 (((((((((compatible with OpenMW multiplayer!!!!)))))) Great for the Skeleton War!

Yes there have been other skeleton race mods, but this one is the best of them all....
it has improved meshes, so when you equip armor other parts aren't going to disappear,
like your neck or forearm disappearing. and added the skeleton sounds for immersion.

It uses the vanilla model and textures, so it can go along with any re-texture mods.

Also included in the mod is a script that makes all tomb undead non hostile for immersion
when playing as a skeleton, but still wanna kill all other races.
(so it can still be used on multiplayer)

(and an additional MWSE one)
so you don't need to worry about load order and for any mods that add new undead.

Str: 30  
Int: 30  
Wil: 35  
Agi: 30  
Spd: 25  
End: 30  
Per: 20  
Luc: 40  
~they suck, what would you expect from a skeleton>>????

lichcraft -Fortify magicika x3
Devour    -consume the souls of your foe
Summon Skeleton -so you can have a skeleton friend to aid you
Dead  -weakness to fire 100%, immune to frost and poison 100%

drag and drop Data Files folder into root direcetory of morrowind.
check esp in menu

Wearable Lich Robe by MelchiorDahrk, if you wanna use the lichrobes:
Lich Accessories by Glisp if you want some cool jewels for eyes on the skull:
Doot Trumpet by Aleist3r:       to be the trumpet skeleton of the abyss
dopey Necromancy
Practical Necromancy (OpenMW) black soul gems, and skele servants that can wear armor!
Rattle Teeth Manor: A spooky skeleton themed house :
Connarys Re texture mod -> makes skeles look more spooky.
Graveyards: adds places to spook in.

***Feel free to merge this  into your mod, for like  NPCs, or for more Armored Skeles / more robed liches.***
Greatness7 and his blender nif plugins, he is the god of morrowind modding.
With the script, he is the second god of morrowind modding.
Danae & Merlord, First of His Name  for the new MWSE script!

cleaned using the enchanted editor