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An alpha companion and quest mod by HangHimHigher

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HangHimHigher was an extremely talented Morrowind modder active in the community from 2013-2016. Over those years, he released several mods notable for their brilliant writing and character development, including "Belial--A Dismal Daedric Companion" and "Love in the Time of Daedra." Those who were active in the forums during that time will remember that he provided regular updates on a companion and quest mod he was working on called "Into the Void," which starred Sabrina, an NPC that worked for a Shadowy organization. Sadly, HangHimHigher withdrew from the community in late 2016 due to health reasons and has not been heard from since. In his final message, he provided a link to the WIP file, along with an instruction that others were free to host and/or build upon the WIP if no one in the community had heard from him by early 2017.

Since the file is currently hosted on a Google Drive account few people know about, I thought it best to release it here, both so others could see his brilliant WIP and, if they believe they can do it, take up the mantle and finish what was shaping up to be a truly brilliant mod.

The mod description, straight from the readme is posted below.

Please note that this mod is in Alpha status, and thus may contain some bugs, including dialog loops. I am uploading this mod purely for archival/preservation purposes, and do not claim any credit for its development. As a result, please refrain from sending me PMs regarding bugs/suggestions, as there is not much that I will be able to do with my very basic modding skill level.

All credit for this Alpha file goes to HangHimHigher and those individuals featured in the credits document included with the download, per his instructions.

This is an alpha of a MW project titled 'Into the Void' which I worked on for years.  Due to urgent medical issues, I am now putting all my modding on hold, potentially for good.  Into the Void is not finished and likely never will be -- this is the alpha file, titled 'Sabrina'.

Into the Void was to be a large companion, quest and faction mod with a main quest and dozens of side quests going alongside the companion aspects.  This alpha is a far cry from that ambition, but it is playable.

If there has been no word from me by the beginning of 2017, you may host, re-upload, modify, whatever this alpha as long as you make it clear exactly what sort of a file it is, who the original author is (me), and the credits document.  Until that time, I ask that you don't re-upload, host or publically release modified versions (in case I come back).

Here is what is playable:

- Sabrina

A fully functional companion w/ hundreds of unique dialogue entries and dozens of multiple-tier conversations, her own backstory and personality, opinions, etc.  Has full quest commentary for almost all MW and TRI quests, own stories, a few personal quests...  Basically a fully playable scripted unique dialogue companion.  There may be some dialogue loops, but I think by and large, this part is polished mod level quality.  So you can think of this alpha as a finished companion mod, if you want.

Note: I didn't get to finish romance stuff for Sabrina.  You can start getting romantically involved w/ her... but nothing happens after that.  Even though I wrote a tonne of dialogue for how Sabrina talks to you when she IS your girlfriend / lover / wife, I didn't get to write a story of how to get there, so I suggest rejecting her if she brings it up, because nothing will happen.

- Main quest

The first half of the main quest is playable, but it ends w/out resolution.  To avoid starting the MQ, refuse to work with Athesi.  Otherwise, you can play the first half.  It has some character development for Sabrina, but as I said, is unfortunately unfinished.

- Faction

A new covert faction called the Esoterica Facility has been partly implemented.  There are ~20 NPCs all w/ unique dialogue and opinions etc.  The faction has services, special headquarters.  HOWEVER it only has a small number of quests, so it overall feels kinda empty.  To skip it, just don't follow Sabrina up on the topic.

- Side quests

There are a few functional side quests.  There are also some side quests which are finished but completely inaccessible, like a visit to the Shivering Isles... whatever.

- Books

Few new books, etc.
WARNING: some quests (esp. MQ or faction side quests) have not been tested and are probably bugged, especially the ones with complex scripts.  just didn't get time, sorry.

I wish you all the best.