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So this mod changes the Timescale from 30 to 15. Simple as that. There are some other mods that do this, but I havent found one for OpenMW and since im using that at the Moment, this is so you can have the Fun of time moving more realistic as well. No Need to thank me.

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This is simply a TimeScale Change mod, which changes the Timescale from 30:1 to 15:1.

There are some other mods that do this, but since im not sure if these work with OpenMW and im too lazy to test them,
I´ve just changed the value for OpenMW myself. There´s also another file for Standard Morrowind, to use if I change back from OpenMW.

So enjoy and download, or dont. Only works on starting a New Game, since your Timescale Value will already be initialized otherwise.

On a running game simply open the console and write: Set Timescale to 15