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Do you want to experience a different kind of chargen than the boring vanilla one? But you still want to have a story, which is as lore friendly as possible? Then this mod is for you. Begin your adventure stranded on an enchanted island to the north of Vvardenfell with your companions from the Imperial Prison Ship.

Permissions and credits
In the year 3E427, an Imperial prison ship was en route to Vvardenfell, the Empire’s penal colony to release some prisoners there in exchange for the promise that they would never leave the island. However, as the ship was passing next to a previously uncharted island owned by an anti-Imperial Telvanni wizard, a terrible raging storm occurred. Only one Imperial legionnaire, and two prisoners could survive. You are one of those prisoners. And now you are stranded on the island, waiting for rescue. However, there is more going on in that island than a Telvanni Wizard conjuring a storm. It seems that the gods themselves have plans with the passengers of the ship, and they want to use them for their own plans. The mod is loosely based on William Shakespeare's play titled The Tempest.

This would have been Team Purist Pariah's entry to the second round of the Morrowind Modding Madness, if we had more time to create it.

What is new in version 1.1.? (Released on 30/12/2018)

- Caeris fixed all the bugs that you have reported, besides the werewolf one


A new enchanted island.
A brand new chargen experience.
12 new quests that will teach you how to play Morrowind.
New, unique characters with their own personalities and dialogue.
The opportunity to become a vampire and/or a werewolf on the island
Gain basic skills, and some basic equipment before you arrive on Vvardenfell.
Small rewards for not following the questline blindly, but exploring the island.
And as always with our mods: Some hidden Easter eggs and references

To begin: Just start a new game with the mod activated.

Bugs, incompatibilities and other grievances

It should be bug-free, and compatible with almost everything, including Tamriel Rebuilt, which also adds new lands into the game. The only mods that this one is surely incompatible with are obviously other chargen mods, such as Royal Chargen or Chargen Revamped.


Caeris – Scripts, Quests.
Tel Shadow – Cell Designer.
AliceL93 –  Quests, Interior Designer & Project Coordinator.