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Road sign replacer for TR 18.09 and TR Preview.

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This mod replaces all the road signs on the mainland with readable ones similar to those in Arukinn's Better Banners Signs and Signposts. The style isn't exactly the same (would you expect one Mer paint ALL the signs in Morrowind?), but I hope it's close enough. Texture size is 1024x512.

Arukinn's mod is not required, but it's heavily recommended.


Copy the files into your Morrowind/Data Files folder & check the .esp in your Data Files or Wrye Mash.

Delete everything listed under Preview file contents on the Files tab of this mod from your Morrowind/Data Files directory.

This mod should be compatible with anything that does not alter TR signposts. It does not conflict with Arukinn's mod, and it's recommended to use both of them together, load order doesn't matter.

QTMGFA (questions that might get frequently asked)

Can't you make a pluginless version?
No. The .esp file is necessary for this to work.

This mod must alter a lot of cells!
That's not a question. And it doesn't alter ANY cells, so it should be compatible with pretty much everything.

What if I don't use TR Preview?
Then you won't see the signs used in the unfinished parts of Tamriel. The rest of the file will work correctly.

Why the weird font, you said they were readable?
All signs are written in Daedric, because it's Morrowind, you n'wah.

Change log

Arukinn - base idea, meshes, and the background
Dongle - Oblivion font
TR Team - one of the best Morrowind mods ever