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Adds new NPCs who were mentioned by dialogue but had no physical presence on Vvardenfell. Also gives them new unique dialogue lines that fit seamlessly into the vanilla game.

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About this mod

Inspired by this ´╗┐forum thread by MelchiorDahrk

There are several NPCs named in dialogue throughout the game who for one reason or another do not appear in the flesh. Most of these NPCs are people who have no reason not to be present, as dialogue suggests they live in towns throughout Vvardenfell.

This mod adds those NPCs into the game. I added at total of nine new NPCs, all of whom blend into the vanilla game seamlessly.

These include a handful of commoners, a legionaire, an unstable beggar and the Balmora magistrate Nolus Atrius. Most of these NPCs have a few lines of unique dialogue, usually to do with the rumours that mentioned them. When asked about rumours many of them will re-tell the vanilla rumours from their own perspective, often adding details.

Also note that two of the new NPCs are sleepers. They behave exactly like the vanilla sleepers and will give you a reputation point each at the end of Sleepers Awake. They are also 'bound' to the correct Dagoth for their area.

See the readme for a full list of NPCs added and locations.

For users of "Clear Your Name"

For those who use the "Clear Your Name" mod, I have included a version without Nolus. My Nolus is much less developed than that mod's, though he does have some unique dialogue and a guard with a small script to ensure there are consequences to being particularly stupid when speaking to him.


Should be compatible with everything. Mods that add characters that this mod adds (Such as "Clear Your Name" with the Nolus version of this mod) will seem weird, so I don't recommend running them together. But doing so won't break your game.