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Wearing a Guard's uniform now lets you extort the populace of that faction. However you'll get arrested for wearing a guard's uniform if you're not part of that faction. I'm also adding quests to get your faction's armour without killing a guard.

Permissions and credits
I've always liked how Ordinators and the Legion react to you wearing their uniform, unfortunately the Great Houses just don't care. Well not any more, from now on if you put on a Guard's armour for the Great Houses or the Legion and talk to those guards you'll get arrested. But wait, what if you're a member of that faction? Well now those Guards give you a formal greeting, how lovely.

Now that on its own is a nice immersion mod for those inclined but why should you, the player who wants to see a carrot to your stick download this? When you're wearing a guard's armour you'll find shiny new greetings! They let you extort NPCs local to that faction with a unique claim and monetary demand for each faction. The NPC could pay you what you're demanding or they might be short of cash, or they might start swinging!

The risks and rewards of each claim are based on the status of that faction so if you want to make big demands put on your best Royal Guard Armour and hope you don't get reported. Now that's pretty cool but what happens if you try to extort the big wigs in the faction you're wearing? You could get insulted, you could get arrested or if you're a total legend and start making demands inside Queen Barenziah's chambers you could get stabbed. Fantastic.

But you know what, maybe you don't plan on extorting people. Maybe you just want to get into some roleplay, well having to kill your own faction's guard before you can get their armour would be pretty immersion breaking. This is why I'm adding a Guard Captain to each of the three council houses who will give you a couple quests to get your own armour.
So far only Balmora's captain and quests are done and included. I just want to get this uploaded now so if all my hard drives simultaneously explode I won't have lost weeks of work.

{Features I wanted but it didn't work out}
I wanted to have custom extort menus for shop keepers and different types of vendors. Now this is actually implementable, no problem. It would just take a laborious amount of time. Looking at Redoran alone, they control 6 regions. Ald Ruhn, Maar Gan, Khuul, GhostGate, Ald Velothi and their canton in Vivec. Since there's about 12 possible vendor types and I'd have to at minimum create a tailored greeting, positive response, negative response and backout message for the player, we'd be looking at 288 new dialogues. Again just for Redoran. Sure I could cut it down by planning out what region actually has an enchanter but then this mod wouldn't cover other mod added npc vendors.

Stripping the player of their armour on arrest. Greatness 7 actually posted some code for me on the discord to do this but I couldn't figure out how to implement it. Oh well fines and jail time will do.

Morrowind Comes Alive and Starfire's NPC additions. After you extort an npc you have to get their disposition back over 20 to do it again which can cause you to run out of targets too quickly. Massive NPC addons like these mitigate that problem by adding loads of NPCs without custom dialogue to get in the way of the extort menu.
Join the Cammona Tong is a mod that goes well with this if you plan to do the Hlaalu Captain's quests.

If you want to use the Cephalopod version of this mod than any mod which includes it is necessary.


If you're wearing a guard's armour and talk to another guard of that faction for the arrest dialogue there are meant to be two possible results. The first is to pay, go to jail or resist arrest and it's only meant to show up if you have the money to pay the fine for wearing their armour. Unfortunately if you don't have any money and no existing bounty then go chat with a guard to get one you still get given the option to pay your new fine, you'll just lose whatever money you did have. However if you already had a fine that's worth more than you have and then chat with a guard while in your armour you'll get your new fine added on to your bounty and receive the correct go to jail or resist response.
If someone figures out a solution, great. Until then poverty stricken imitators get a discount. 

Loads of NPCs don't bring up the extort menu. Yeah, this is intentional. While your greetings with guards exist on tier 0 (lower means it takes precedence) your day to day extort greetings exist all the way up on tier 7. I did this to make the mod as compatible as possible with other mods and to ensure you can't miss out on critical quest related greetings. As such anyone with an important greeting will take precedence over your attempt to steal 50 septims from them. Unfortunately this means you won't get to see several of the unique faction leader extortion responses as what they've got to say just over rules it.

{Known Soft-Incompatibilities}
Morrowind Hardcore mode or any other mod which drastically increases the bounty for murder. Spoilers here but the Hlaalu Guard Captain wants you to murder the Cammona Tong's enemies around Balmora. Normally you can recall in front of her and even if your bounty is over 5k from murdering everyone in the Thieves Guild she'll immediately launch the dialogue that lets you wipe it. However this mod gave me a 100,000 septim bounty for killing the Balmora Thieves Guild and when I recalled back to her she immediately launched into combat. I don't know if there's an autofight threshold for bounties other than the 5k mark but it happened every time. To use both mods you'll have to get creative with your murder I guess. Even then you could always just turn her quests down she's completely optional.

{Known Hard-Incompatibilities}
Any mod which removes/replaces the armour guards wear. This mod only functions using the scripts attached to the default guard armours, if you overwrite those scripts then the only way the player can get their extortion menu is by wearing the custom id armour awarded by the Guard Captain.

If you find any other incompatibilities let me know.

{Alternate Versions - These aren't add-ons they're replacements for the original mod!}
Impersonating a Cephalopod
The Telvanni Cephalopod armour is a very popular mod and incorporated into many other guard overhauls. This version of my mod attaches the Telvanni uniform script to the Cephalopod cuirass. This means you can use this version of my mod with any mod that includes the Telvanni Cephalopod armour. My personal recommendation is: "Yet another guard diversity".

{Special Thanks}
Greatness 7 and Dark Carl on the Morrowind Discord. You both listened to my problems and posted code to solve them. I didn't end up using any of it since I didn't know how it worked but your positive reinforcement kept me going.

{On Editing, reuploading or implementing this mod into your own}
Go ahead, do whatever you want with this; just be cool and credit me for my work.