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A mysterious book has fallen into your possession… How did it get there? Who does it belong to? Follow the clues, as you find yourself taken away by a detailed, multilayered story steeped in TES Lore.

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A large, highly-detailed, lore-friendly quest mod with plenty of challenges for old and new players.
- An island that changes with the main quest.
- A large quest line to earn the Demon of Knowledge's favor.
- Unique scripted enemies, forcing new strategies in combat.
- A new custom skill to provide new forms of Morrowind gameplay. 
- A whole new tile-set, providing plenty of dangers in the realms of Oblivion.

To get started, enter a bookstore...

Skills Module by Merlord:

The latest DEV version of MWSE:

Note: Remember to regenerate your distant land and run the MWSE Updater.exe for the latest build.

Ghost Sound Modder's Resouce by ThatDwemerGuy
Staffs of the Daedra by Melchior Dahrk
Magic Icons:
Lovecraft font:
The Undead v2.2 by Neoptolemus maybe for ghosts The Undead v2.2
Undead: Arise From Death v3.5 by Arcimaestro Antares also for ghosts Undead: Arise From Death v3.5
Beholders by Antares: