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This mod simply adds the following lines to each shrine's corresponding script, and adds the option to 'cancel' when using a shrine.


St. Aralor grants Aralor's Intervention, for fortifying character.

St. Delyn grants Shield of St. Delyn, for resistance to blight diseases.

St. Felms grants Felm's Glory, for greater skill in restoring magics.

St. Llothis grants The Rock of Llothis, for fortifying the will.

St. Meris grants Meris's Warding, for resistance to corprus disease.

St. Nerevar grants Spirit of Nerevar, for fortifying the body's vigor.

St. Olms grants Olm's Benediction, for resistance to common disease.

St. Rilms grants Rilm's Grace, for endurance of hardships.

St. Roris grants Roris's Bloom, for fortifying the body's health.

St. Seryn grants Seryn's Shield, for resistance to poisons.

St. Veloth grants Veloth's Indwelling, for magical power.

-Vivec's Fury-

Shrines of Vivec's Fury grant a warrior's blessing for fighting prowess.


Tribunal shrines may grant the blessing of Almsivi Restoration, which restores damaged attributes, and the three blessings of Almsivi.


Imperial Shrines offer bessings which can cure disease, blight and poison as well as the restoration of damaged attributes.

You may use this mod however you wish. I don't own anything except my copy of Morrowind.