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No more immediate and unlimited restock of ingredients but since it's scripted vendors still restock.

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With this mod, alchemy vendors no longer get an instant and infinite restock of ingredients.
There are already mods that do something similar, but they just eliminate the restock mechanic, which breaks both immersion and fun. In this case, everything is done through scripts, so the vendors will restock after a few days, generally 5 but in some cases less.
What's the point of this? Vanilla restock mechanics can be easily exploited to buy 100+ of the same 2-4 ingredients and make a huge number of potions, unbalancing the game in many ways:
- alchemy levels up too fast
- you can make money too easily
- you have an infinite amount of potions

In addition to this, this mod also adds randomized ingredients with daily re-spawn to alchemy vendors. These ingredients change every day and are different for every vendor.
This was done for three reasons:

1. to balance the lack of immediate restock
2. to provide a sense of flow to the economy
3. because it makes every visit to an alchemist more interesting

Credits go to Stuporstar for the idea and for writing the base scripts.
ST_Alchemy by Stuporstar required! It's a vanilla friendly mod that adds many ingredients without breaking immersion: new ingredients you might find include moss, twilight feather, linch dust, orgim flesh, hunger tongue, wolf meat, bear fat ecc. (stuff that could have been part of the base game basically).
NB: the version of ST_alchemy does't matter, you can use 1.4 or 1.5.

If there's an interest for a version that doesn't require ST_Alchemy I might consider making it, but I really encourage you to use it.

To further improve and balance alchemy, I suggest these mods:

Poison crafting (don't be fooled by the title, the mods does much more than making you able to craft poisons, it's also an improved version of AtHomeAlchemy and has optional balancing features)
Alchemy filter
Controlled consumption
Pearls Enhanced
Economy Adjuster (RV Edit)

Know conflicts
This mod works by adding a scripted container for every vendor and it should be compatible with everything as it doesn't change objects or npcs in any way.

Do what you like, no need to credit me, but since the original script is by Stuporstar, mentioning her would be nice.