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Crawl through treacherous mine shafts, face Sixth House Cultists, and build up a town for your Great House! New quests, people, and town!

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A town quest mod by Team Nordic Chefs
Made for the 2018 Morrowind Modding Madness

"Weeks ago I received word from an Armiger scout that the Sixth House has been transporting Redoran artifacts inside the Ghostfence. I believe them to be hoarding my family's sword inside the lost mine Hasimminus -- a location known only to those in my family. I promise a reward to any who aid me and retrieve that which has been taken from my people. The lost mine lies north of Red Mountain's peak. Meet my warriors and I there, should you choose to accompany me. " -Lord Rathis


At the Tower of Dusk of Ghostgate Redoran Lord Rathis is in need of great assistance. A family heirloom, once thought lost to time, has been spotted in the possession of Sixth House cultists in the ancient Dunmer mining town of Hasimminus. With the blight removed, an old frontier has been made accessible once again, Red Mountain, where Hasimminus mine has been waiting to be rediscovered for decades.  Now thanks to Lord Rathis's expedition the mine is ripe for the taking. Delve deep into the mines and face the Dagoth once again, and claim the volcanic frontier for your house.


  • Confront the sixth house once again in a brand new professionally crafted dungeon!
  • Assist your house in setting up a new outpost that will impact the region for years to come!
  • Participate in a new questline to decide the fate of Red Mountain and its residents!
  • Potentially become the new owner of an ancient Redoran sword by PikachunoTM with sheath support!


  • The mod can be started by the following conditions:
  1. For Redoran speak to Sarethi after becoming kinsman and completing his vanilla quests
  2. For Hlaalu speak to Curio after becoming kinsman and completing his vanilla quests
  3. For Telvanni speak to Aryon after becoming Mouth and completing his vanilla quests
  4. Meetup with Rathis and speak to him at Ghostgate


  • Both Expansions. That is all.


Compatible with anything that doesn't touch Red Mountain Region 3,10.  Sadly due to landscape edits this means that it is not compatible with the pointy version of Mountainous Red Mountain. 

Recommended Mods

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The Outlander Library by London Rook
Melchior Dahrk - Many of the new cave meshes
Aleist3r - New cavern transitional mesh
Lougian - Vines and dust particles, Redoran bump mapped used as base for decayed Redoran resources
Remiros - Made the new sixth house items
Danae - for her Container resource
CandyGirl24 - for her Bulk Container resource
Ghostnull - death animations
Team Wretched Netch - more death animations
Petiboy - Dagoth Bonemold armor
Momo - New cranes


The Nordic Chefs are

Lady Phoenix Fire Rose