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About this mod

It expands Bthuand.

Permissions and credits
Bthuand Expanded
by Jsp25

This mod was part of Mines&Caverns until v2.8.

1) What does this mod do?
It expands Bthuand with a big cave that serves as a cliff racer burrow; a few ashlanders take care of them in order to farm their eggs.

2) Disclaimer
I'm not responsible if this mod messes up your save game or something. It's always good to have a back up copy of it.
Cleaned with TES3CMD and Enchanted Editor.

3) Bugs
None that I know of. Report them if there's any.

4) Compatibility
´╗┐It is compatible with Morrowind Rebirth and everything else that doesn't modify Bthuand.

5) Credits
DonnerGott - Cliff Racer Nests and Eggs 2
Stabbey_the_Clown - Coil of Rope
Joel Braddock aka Mantodea - Cliff Racer Armor
Misty Moon - Bow of Misty Moon
Misty Moon - Quiver of Misty Moon
Saalah - Saalah's New Types of Arrow
SwordForTheLord - Cliff Racer Burrow
Itachi62 - Hidden Dwemer Building
Mosrael - Archnalteg

(Original readme's included in the mod)