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Rebalances movement in the game.

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Speed and Movement Rebalanced

   By Remiros

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MGE XE 0.10.1 (Optional)
MWSE 2.1+ (Optional)
This mod rebalances the speed attribute and overall movement in the game in an attempt to make it feel more natural. A full list of changes:
-Speed now has a much lower impact on movement speed
-Athletics now has a higher impact on movement speed
-Overall movement speed has been increased
-General range of movement speed is more narrow.
The difference between characters with low athletics/speed and high athletics/speed isn't nearly as high as in vanilla
-Fatigue drain for running has been slightly decreased
-Encumbrance has a higher impact on movement speed and jump height now
-Jump height has been slightly changed. Base jump height is slightly lower and acrobatics doesn't scale quite as much
-Moving while jumping no longer makes you move faster than just running.Bunny hopping is no longer a viable mechanic
-Fall damage has been slightly reduced
-Swim speed has been slightly decreased
-Sprinting has been introduced (and is mapped to "alt")

The sprinting feature requires the latest version of MGE XE (0.10.1) which you can find here and the latest dev build of MWSE 2.1+, which you can find here.

The sprinting feature does NOT work with OpenMW, but it is optional.
Feel free to use this mod in your own mods as long as you credit me as the original author.
Drop the .esp and MWSE folder into your Data Files folder.
Remove the .esp and main.lua file.
Thanks to Greatness7 for some help with the sprinting script.