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This mod adds to the list of Service Refusals in three ways.

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Service Refusal Expanded

*PLEASE NOTE: This mod is no longer being supported. I instead highly recommend that you use Poodlesandwich2's excellent FMI series. If you want a mod just like this (but better), use his Service Refusal and Contraband module.*

This mod adds to the list of Service Refusals in three ways:

- The player requires hospitality papers to trade with Telvanni traders in Sadrith Mora.
- The player cannot trade if they possess sixth house related goods, and 'gross' items.
- The player requires an Imperial Charter to trade in raw ebony, raw glass, and Dwemer artifacts.

Details & Exceptions:

- Khajiit, Thieves Guild members, and non-Telvanni traders (in Sadrith Mora) will trade with you regardless.
- 'Gross' items include: human flesh, corprus weepings, ash salt, and vampire dust. That being said, apothecaries and alchemists will still be interested in those items (with the exception of human flesh).
- You can get an Imperial Charter through means of high reputation, affiliation with the East Empire Trading Company, gold, or through gaining ranks as a member of the Blades. Talk to Socucius Ergalla for more information.

I hope you enjoy this nifty little mod.
- Caeris