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This is a compilation mod of companion features:
1) Enemy pursuit through load doors
2) Guard entry from adjacent cells, on crime reporting
3) Teleport, travel and intervention restrictions in combat and pursuit
4) Thieves tools door locking mechanic and equip hot keys
5) Crime, Flee, Pursuit and related AI script

Permissions and credits
2018 Summer of Content Modding Challenge entry, for Temple and Imperial Cult related content.

v1.01* adds .ini file options for # of interventions per rank and hostile creature pursuit; also fixes a bug with the # of interventions reporting.
v1.02* fixes bugs with incorrect following through some cell change conditions, and travel/teleport combat restriction with animal-like creatures.
v1.03* fixed default hostile actor guard protection, lag issue, a few other minor issues; also made the crime gmsts seperately disableable by ini edit.
v1.04 fixed actor jitter on crime scene return, actors pursuing after arrest, spawn pursuit, CTD related to certain cells, a few other minor fixes/tweaks
v1.05 improved following criteria, guard alerts, ai refresh conditions, same cell teleport door following; added 2nd level teleport restriction support
v1.1 adds move-jump AI for pursuants and updated the AI refresh (after repositioning actors back to their original locations)
v1.2 fixes occasional crash bug and crime bug, adds mysticism based skill check for mark/recall with enemies nearby, various other tweaks and fixes
v1.201 fixes unwanted "resetting actors" bug
v1.202 fixes hostile actors with high disposition not attacking, improves pursuit and crime criteria, returns exterior pursuit actors to original cells
  *Save game cleaning utility (drag and drop on batch file) bundled in the Saves folder required

This started out as a re-implementation of Yacoby's Pursuit Enhanced to try to address some of the issues I experienced using it, as well as to extend and add a few features.  In testing, I found a host of related game play mechanics that I wanted to modify for a more cohesive pursuit experience.

The major components may be pruned back independently by Data Files/MWSE/sve_pursuit.ini file editing.  Doing so will in most cases completely shut down the related script(s).

The scripting is in MWscript, not Lua, but takes advantage of some of the enhanced functionality and efficiency of the MWSE 2.0 release and 2.1 WIP.  Full thanks and credits can be found below.

Due to the experimental nature of the scripting, game play stability and save game integrity can not be guaranteed.  I don't know of any such issue, but it's possible I missed something in my play testing, so use at your own risk and take the appropriate precautions, such as making a copy of any important save games.

If you experience any gameplay issue, please kindly report by Nexus mod page bug tracker or PM.  If the issue is repeatable, please use the MWSE2.1_Pursuit_Revisited_DEBUG.esp Nexus mod page download optional file to repeat he issue and share the resulting MWSElog.txt file.

Game play features:

1) Combatant pursuit through load doors (and return to their original positions):           
NPCs and Creatures in combat with the player will follow through load doors
  With delay to follow based on their distance to the door, speed, GMSTs, etc.
  NPCs and Creatures won't follow if:   
  Too low level (50% chance at -5 levels below the player, etc) guards excluded
  Dead, knocked out, paralyzed
  Health/max ratio lower than flee rating
  Animals or swimmers (such as rat, dreugh, etc)
  Constructs won't follow outside (such as dwemer spheres, etc)
  Undead or vampires won't follow outside except at night
  The door is locked beyond their skill or power to open
    Vanilla based skill check made every 1-4 seconds per pursuant
    Guards will erode the lock level ~-1 per check, so will eventually get it open.
  Guards and default non-hostile NPCs will not pursue through a load door into hostile areas
  Creatures and default hostile NPCs will not pursue through a load door into guarded areas 
          Let me know if I missed something, or something seems not working correctly.
Pursuants will continue to follow through successive load doors and exterior cell changes
  If sufficiently high level (50% chance at +5 levels above the player, etc ) or guard
Pursuants will flee if their health/max ratio declines below their flee rating (typically 20-30)
Pursuants will return to their original cell position
  When the player sleeps, travels, goes to jail or teleports to another cell out of range
           This will trigger a "72 hour" corpse decay/respawn sequence to reset the AI
  Or when fleeing or no longer in combat if within reach of their original cell load door
    The mechanics should work seamlessly through save games and new sessions
There is no limit to the # of concurrent pursuers or cells traversed :)

2) Guard pursuit from adjacent cells, on crime reporting:
On crime "reporting", NPCs will call guards from the cell the player entered from.
  With delay to follow calculated from their distance to the door, speed, GMSTs, etc.
  Such adjacent cell entry guard locations are remembered, if returning by recall, etc
NPCs pursuing after a crime will alert any guards in the cell they pursue the player into
NPCs will remember the scene of a crime if you return with any bounty on your head.
  Calling the guards in their cell and/or adjacent entry cell to arrest you.
In close combat with guards, hit the activate key (default space bar) to "Please for mercy"
  That will open the arrest dialog menu.

3) Teleport restrictions and intervention limitations:
Mark, recall and travel services are disabled during combat or pursuit
   Mark/recall mysticism based chance option and setting by .ini file
Interventions are allowed in combat (or otherwise) but limited in availability:
  The player must be a member of the Cult/Temple for Divine/Almsivi intervention
  The player earns intervention right/credit(s) for each rank attained in the Cult/Temple
  At rank=10 (Patriarch/Primate) unlimited interventions are granted
  A message will inform the player of his rights on rank increase or intervention use
  Optionally [by .ini file setting]
    The player may atone for additional interventions with gold
      or equivalent enchanted items donation
  Enchanted items of same gold value may be repurchased from the faction HQ
    See Sauleius Cullian in Ebonheart or Llandris Thirandus in Vivec, High Fane
Provisions have been taken for compatibility with Melian's and Multi Mark Teleport Mods

4) Thieves tools extension and conveniences:
Lock picks can be used to lock doors by holding down the ALT-key
  Chance of success uses the vanilla lock pick formula
    with security skill progress on success
  If a door is not locked/owned (most doors):
    The lock level will be set based on that cell's NPC/Creature security skills
    Some doors may not have any locking mechanism.
  Attempting to lock a door is considered a crime, with same bounty as lock picking.
  On lock success, there's some skill based chance to fortify the lock to a higher level.
Thieves tools can now be accessed with ALT + next/previous weapon hot keys
  (default [ and ]) + ALT key

5) Crime, flee and related AI tweaks:
The flee AI reaction settings are dynamically controlled through scripted GMST setting so actors will flee when their health ratio is lower than their flee setting (typically 20-30%) and will periodically alternate back to fighting (every 15-30sec), so as to be less like to get stuck in a crevice, etc.    
Non-hostile (fight<=40) and not restricted class (guard/smuggler/etc) or vampire NPCs, with guards in their or adjacent cell, will get alarm bumped to 101 on first encounter to report crimes, while their fight instinct will be suppressed until their disposition drops sufficiently low.  This enables most default friendly NPCs in towns to call the guards, as described above.
Crime NPC reactions have been re-worked (via scripting) in guarded areas to generally allow for a few minor infractions  before NPCs will agro, accumulating scripted disposition decrease that increase the chance of going agro  incrementally (that inexplicably is not how the vanilla system works).  So the first few gp items stolen or lock/pick attempts may not necessarily set off a fight, but will eventually do so, if the called guards don't get there first.     
Pursuants with sufficient distance to the player will alternate to jumping mode, enabling them in some cases to overcome obstacles or barriers the player can easily overcome by jumping.  Boosts to fatigue and slowfall are made to avoid otherwise stupid AI carnage and exploit.

6) INI file configurable settings:
Edit the MWSE\sve_pursuit.ini file to adjust game play options and settings
This presently is limited to enable/disable/customize #1-5 above
See the readme or ini file in line description for details
Let me know any requests for additional .ini file customization