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Upon catching a disease, you will no longer know its type. You will have to visit a healer (or try medicine randomly) to get cured.

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This simple mod aims to add another layer of realism to the game. The player will not be able to diagnose themselves as soon as the disease is contracted. All the common and blight diseases are simply replaced by the name "disease." In the message box that pops up, all that will be seen is "You have contracted a disease." Similarly, in the magic effects part of the UI, all that will be listed is "A disease" and the symptoms.

If you want to get cured you can either try medicine randomly, or go to a healer/apothecary and tell them your symptoms. They will examine you, and from now on you will also have the opportunity to buy medicine on the spot, through the dialogue.

Non-professional NPCs (Those that are not in the Healer, Healer Service, Apothecary or Apothecary Service class) will not be able to diagnose you either. All they will tell you is that you have contracted "some kind of" disease and that you should seek help.

Corprus is left untouched. I figured that if you slowly turn into a zombie, that can be diagnosed by everyone.

Naturally, if you play with a healer character, this mod wouldn't make sense. Sadly, I couldn't solve it, so all I can recommend is that you should not run this mod if you have a healer character, only if you have a character from some other class.

What is new in version 1.3?

- All the creatures have been renamed from "Blighted" and "Diseased" to "Infected" to provide an even more immersive experience. (e.g. Instead of "Blighted Cliff Racer" and "Diseased Cliff Ricer" there is only "Infected Cliff Racer" now.)
- All the diseases have been renamed to "Disease" from "A disease" so the magic effects part of the UI would look better aesthetically
- Changed the text which indicates action (the expert examining you) in a way that it is put between brackets instead of stars so that it would reflect the convention of the rest of the game (so instead of * * it is [ ] now)