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Adds very rare, alternately colored creatures to the game which have the chance to spawn in place of their normal counterpart, based on the Pokemon mechanic. Each "shine beast" drops a rare and exclusive item to be kept or sold.

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                                                                                        Welcome to the world of Shiny Creatures!

The original Shiny Creatures! Based on the mechanic from the Pokemon series, this simple flavor mod adds extremely rare color variants to the existing fauna of Vvardenfell and Solstheim, with a chance of one spawning in place of an existing creature. From those two Alits near Caldera, to the many flocks of Cliff Racers or the packs of wolves in the Hirstaag forest, almost any creature could pop up as one of these elusive creatures! Furthermore, each one comes with its' own, lore friendly item drop (pelts, skins, plumes, etc). Keep the item as a prize for your find or sell them to the local general store for a good amount of gold! You never know what you may find!

This mod is very lore-friendly, and even includes a special in-game book discussing them. The mod takes lore inspiration from The White Guar and Swimmer the Horker (alternately colored animals in the vanilla game). Pick up your own copy in Clagius Clanler's general goods store in Balmora!

Included are also two compatibility ESPs that add shine variants to the creatures included in Morrowind Advanced! (See installation instructions)

This mod requires the most up to date version of Morrowind (with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions) or Morrowind: Game of the Year Edition.

If using one of the Morrowind Advanced compatibility ESPs, an up to date copy of Morrowind Advanced is required.

Installation is simple! Drag your chosen ESP file along with the asset folders into your Morrowind Data folder.

Only ONE ESP file is needed and recommended to run the mod.

- If you're running standard Morrowind, use ShinyCreatures.esp

- If you're using Morrowind Advanced, use ShinyCreatures Advanced.esp

- If you're using BTB's edited version of Morrowind Advanced, use ShinyCreatures Advanced (BTB).esp

To uninstall the mod, simply remove the ESPs and texture assets from your Data folder. First, make a save in an indoor area with no creatures and wait 3 in-game days. Then remove the ESP + assets and make another save. At that point there should be no scripts running. This mod isn't script heavy but it does use them, so this is just to be safe. The scripts the mod does run are simple, one shot scripts.


This mod's implementation is very simple and shouldn't conflict with existing creature mods. The only possible conflicts are mods that edit or change the script slot that creatures are designed to run (most creatures have that slot left blank). This mod contains no leveled list edits, and shouldn't have any issues regarding save bloat.

None so far, feel free to post or PM any questions you may have!

  V1.0 - 6/7/2018

- First edition of base mod uploaded
 - Small text fixes.


                            Bethesda Softworks for the original meshes and textures which this mod recolors.
                            WormGod Elite and Stormgarde for Meshes and Textures from Morrowind Advanced, which this mod recolors.

                            Community of Morrowind Modding Discord server and Great House Fliggerty for help and support during creation.

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                            NOTE: Always back up your savegame before trying new mods such as this!