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Adds very rare, alternately colored creatures to the game which have the chance to spawn in place of their normal counterpart, based on the Pokemon mechanic. Each "shine beast" drops a rare and exclusive item to be kept or sold.

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Welcome to the world of Shiny Creatures!

The Skyrim edition of Shiny Creatures! Based on the mechanic from the Pokemon series, this simple flavor mod adds extremely rare color variants to the existing fauna of Skyrim and Solstheim, with a chance of one spawning in place of an existing creature. From a random bear or deer in The Rift, or a Horker sitting on the ice floes, to the infamous High Hrothgar Frost Troll or even the Netch of Solstheim, almost any creature could pop up as one of these elusive beasts! Furthermore, each one comes with its' own, lore friendly item drop (pelts, skins, teeth, fat, etc). Keep the item as a prize for your find or sell them to the local general store for a good amount of gold! You never know what you may find!

This mod is very lore-friendly, and even includes a special in-game book discussing them. The mod takes lore inspiration from The White Guar and Swimmer the Horker (alternately colored animals in vanilla Morrowind, setting a lore precedent). Pick up your own copy in any of Skyrim's general goods stores!

Also includes two compatibility ESPs for etayorius' SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators and lifestorock's Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition, adding shiny variants for the creatures added by the two mods!

This mod requires the most up to date version of Skyrim Special Edition (v 1.5.39)

SKSE and SkyUI are not required to run the mod.

Installation is simple! Drag the main ESP file along with the BSA archive into your Skyrim Data folder.

If using this mod alongside Skyrim Immersive Creatures or SkyTEST (or both), add the two compatibility patches to your Data folder. Make sure they are both loaded after both Shiny Creatures and the respective mod they add compatibility for in your load order.

To uninstall the mod, simply remove the ESPs and BSA from your Data folder. First, make a save in an indoor area with no creatures and wait 10 in-game days, or use the Cell Force Reset feature in the MCM if one of your mods has said feature. Then remove the ESP + BSA and make another save. At that point there should be no scripts running, though open your save with a save cleaner and take a look (all scripts this mod runs contain the word "Shiny" in their titles) for good measure. This mod isn't script heavy but it does use them, so this is just to be safe. The scripts the mod does run are simple, one shot scripts.

This mod's implementation is very simple and shouldn't conflict with existing creature mods. This mod makes only two small leveled list edits (removing the Slaughterfish and Horker from unused lists), which won't require the creation of a bashed patch. It will not be compatible with any mod that changes scripts in the LeveledCreature NPC objects.

Patches are provided for Skyrim Immersive Creatures and SkyTEST, ensuring compatibility. This mod is also compatible with the following creature mods:

- Deadly Dragons
- Diverse Dragons Collection
Birds of Skyrim
- Beasts of Tamriel
- Any other non animal or creature mod.

Will there be expansions in the future for new lands mods that add creatures such as those added by Beyond Skyrim?

I will try and do this if there is enough demand and if the mod is popular enough.

Will this mod be available on consoles?
I will release this for Xbox One if there is enough demand for it. The file size is less than 1GB and requires no script extender, which means this shouldn't have any issues running on consoles.

Feel free to post or PM any questions you may have!

- Initial Mod release

Bethesda Softworks for the original textures which this mod recolors.

Lifestorock for creating Skyrim Immersive Creatures, his textures which this mod recolors, and for bringing together so many awesome new creatures to make shinies for.

Etayorius for creating SkyTEST and for bringing in new creatures to make shinies for.

Assets that this mod also recolors:

for the Durzog textures.
Stormshallow for the sheep textures.
Macadamstreet for the pig and goose textures.

Special Thanks to Rasikko and BigAndFlabby on the Nexus forums along with yausd on Reddit and opusGlass for help and scripting assistance during the mod's development.

If I missed anyone, please PM me and I'll add you to the list!

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NOTE: Always back up your savegame before trying new mods such as this!