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Adds climbing, sprinting, dodging, overhauls the stamina (fatigue) system, and more!

Permissions and credits
WILL NOT WORK WITH NATURAL CHARACTER GROWTH AND DECAY (or anything else that edits base speed outside of menumode)

Video demonstration:


- Stamina (fatigue) is consumed much more quickly, but it also regenerates much faster (1x endurance per second).
- If you run out of stamina you fall down.

- Tap the walk key while running to sprint and again to stop.
- Run speed is the speed at which you neither gain nor lose stamina, sprint speed is your maximum speed, and you regenerate stamina while walking.
- If you wade through water your speed is reduced.
- Attacking will momentarily reduce your speed.

- There are two ways to jump, your default jump's height does not scale with acrobatics, but if you jump right after uncrouching you will jump much higher (this also scales with strength).
- Horizontal speed for both jumps scales with acrobatics. The short one is meant to be used as a dodge, the high one is for jumping.
- If your horizontal velocity is high enough you can skip on water by jumping right as you land.

- Move towards a wall with your weapon/spell readied and put it away to start climbing.
- You don't regenerate stamina while climbing (or in the air) so the distance you can go is based on how much stamina you have.
- Stamina cost of climbing and sprinting is based on athletics (which no longer affects speed).
- Your speed while climbing is affected by acrobatics and agility.

- Originally when I wrote the following I qualified a lot of it with "it's a hardcoded engine feature and if you want me to change it then dehardcode OpenMW", but it was redundant to write that for everything, so know that if something seems weird and finnicky then this is the reason for it.

- You must be moving towards a wall on the frame that your weapon/spell goes away to collide with it. Simply standing still and facing it won't work no matter how close you are.

- You cannot start climbing from the air UNLESS you have a slowfall effect on you. You can climb from swimming though.

- Whether your character should continue climbing or fall off is determined by if you are colliding with something as you move. How I calculate whether you're colliding isn't important, but what you need to keep in mind is if you move along a wall in a way that would cause you to not collide with it for several frames will make the script think you aren't on the wall and you'll fall off. Avoid this by always moving towards the wall somewhat.

- The stamina cost of climbing is affected by how fast you're moving, so not only will increasing acrobatics/agility increase the cost per second, but you don't need to worry about being "inefficient" by trying to move more along the wall instead of wasting your movement moving towards it.

- Various parts of this change the player's speed stat, but it resets if you open the menu. However, if you pin the character sheet then you will see your speed stat change quite frequently. This is fine, and it should not affect leveling up or permanently change your speed. If it does please email me how it happened, I tried to find all the edge cases and account for them but I might have missed something.

- The "fall down when you're out of stamina" feature isn't just because it's cool, it was kindof necessary for any of the balancing to work. I can't really disable it and make it so you can't perform actions with negative stamina instead.

- The reverse crouchjumping is a little weird. I'd prefer it so that you can hold the spacebar to charge up your dodge into a jump but that's not possible.

- Fall damage is based on the highest point you were in the air at, so keep in mind that slowfall will not save you unless you have the effect as you touch the ground. Stopping your velocity with 1000pts of slowfall for 1s right above the ground will still kill you. This is a vanilla mechanic, and my attempt to get around it by doing fall damage myself was too buggy to include here.

Installation Instructions:
It's a little overkill since it's just two content files, but you should install every mod the proper way using separate data directories. Here's a page with everything you need to know.
In case you hadn't realized by now, this mod is OpenMW exclusive. If you want a vanilla/MWSE version, make it yourself. Everything in it is GPLv3.

It should theoretically work in TES3MP but I have not tried it myself, let me know if you have any issues with it at [email protected]

Author's notes:
This is a part of a big overhaul mod for OpenMW, but I can't release the combat, magic, and some other stuff until two bugs are
fixed in the scripting system ( and If you want to help test it you can
email me at [email protected], I don't come here very often.

If you want to manage the nexus page for this please let me know, I don't really want to.

This counts as an entry for Modathon, and DarkElfGuy if you put it in a video I'd appreciate it if you mention that I'm looking for someone to run the nexus page.

Consider everything I make GPLv3 if it involves scripts/code and CC-BY-SA if it doesn't, let me know if I forget to include a link to either in a readme. However that doesn't apply to anything in the compilation, a couple of the mods have copyleft licenses but most don't and you'll have to consult the readmes or the authors like I did to get permission.