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Ordinators only attack you for wearing Indoril armor if you haven't earned the right to do so by becoming a high-ranking temple-member, proclaimed Nerevarine by Vivec or completing a certain quest.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

Wearing indoril armor in front of an Ordinator is widely known to be a bad idea. This mod does not intend to change that. It does however fix a
few very insane behaviours that are borderline bugs:

  • If you outrank the ordinator in question in the temple, they won’t care.
  • Once Vivec proclaimes you to be Nerevar reborn, they no longer care.
  • If a certain ordinator gives you an Indoril helm and cuirass as reward for a certain quest, they no longer care.

Since the high-ordinators from Tribunal use the same script, the exact same applies for them and their armor. (I didn’t want to make Tribunal a hard dependency to check for it’s topics since sensible players complete morrowind first anyways (at least most of the time).) The famous issue that there is no way of the kill-list and that all ordinators will forever try to kill you is not changed by this mod, but by OpenMW: The problem is basically that all Ordinators share their AI-state and therefore any change affects all of them. OpenMW always had seperated states and considers this a bugfix. As do I.

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