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Matthias ElBundeee Kath

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Replaces the textures in the Real Signposts mod with something a bit more cleaned up and upscaled to a higher resolution.
(The DDS files are not as grainy as the compressed sample images)

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Have no modding skills at all, but i was annoyed by the low quality of the only signpost mod which i liked the designs in so i did some edits to (possibly) improve it a little.
This is mostly for personal use, but i might as well upload it here if somebody wants them.
Only the lettering has been changed. Don't have photoshop and not good at drawing so i didn't edit the background materials.
The quality varies wildly because i was getting used to drawing with a mouse during the process of making them.
The colour balance is somewhat inconsistent by accident, but i kinda liked how it looked so i went with it.

To install either drop the folders straight into the morrowind folder or splice it into the original mod's file archive if you want to use it via NMM for some reason.
------------------------>Oh, and you're gonna need the original mod or it won't work. I forgot to add the meshes.<---------------------------

Credit to "Matthias [ElBundeee] Kath"  from Planet Elder Scrolls for making the thing.

Thanks to Dimon for reuploading the thing on nexus over 10 years ago.

nothing else to say, really