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An extensive overhaul of the Bloodmoon barrows.

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A Bloodmoon Barrow Overhaul
by Corsair83 and PikachunoTM

Part of the May Modathon 2018

Project Overview:

The Stone Halls of Solstheim is a far reaching and ambitious attempt to rebuild the glaringly obvious copy-paste design presented by an uninspired Bethesda during their construction of Bloodmoon. Stone Halls will be going down the list of all the barrows presented in the expansion, adding new quests, new encounters, new perils, and new challenges for new and seasoned players. In the end, once each of the barrows has been thoroughly debugged, cleaned, touched up, and so on, we'll be combining them together. However, as exciting as this all sounds, we could use the help of the community to see it through to the end. If the reimagining of interiors to be a much more unique experience than their vanilla counterparts interests you, feel free to join the team by sharing assets, writing new quests, play testing, or even trying your hand at dungeon design. If you would like to join, feel free to contact us for further information, either through Nexus or on the Morrowind Modding Discord. Here's an overview of the project's current state: 

Bloodskal Barrow:

  • Complete.This dungeon has been rebuilt and expanded upon to feature more dangers, more secrets, and more treasure for those willing to brave its cold, dark depths. In this barrow, you'll not only find an example of the kind of elaborate design we're aiming for this project, but you'll find a newly redesigned dungeon, new angers, hidden treasures, and a brand new quest and Bloodskal Blade by PikachunoTM. 

Connorflenge Barrow
  • Work in progress.

Eddard Barrow

Frosselmane Barrow

Glenschul's Tomb

Gyldenhul Barrow

Himmelhost Barrow

Hrothmund's Barrow
  • Work in progress.

Jolgeirr Barrow

Kelsedolk Barrow

Kolbjorn Barrow

Skogsdrake Barrow

Stormpfund Barrow

Tombs of Skaalara

Valbrandr Barrow


Assets used in this mod belong to their respective mod authors. If you wish to use them, consult the links provided in the credits. If you wish to use this mod in a compilation, please be courteous and ask us beforehand. The Stone Halls of Solstheim is very much in a constant state of change, so we advise that you wait until the project is complete and fully debugged.


Stone Halls only effects interior cells (for now), but that's liable to change. In its current state, it should be compatible with everything, as long as it doesn't conflict with the completed barrows in the checklist above.

Drag and drop folders into your Data Files and activate the .esp. If the new Bloodskal Blade does not appear, check to make sure Stone Halls of Solstheim loads after any weapon overhauls (or mods that edit the Bloodskal Blade directly).


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