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"The soil of Resdayn is weeping, for Imperial boots trample on her." Part of the May Modathon Month.

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Part of the May Modathon Month

This is Chapter I of my planned mod, in which the player will be able to liberate Morrowind from the Empire. In Chapter I, the player has the opportunity to join a rebel group, and play with the story from such simple tasks as distributing Anti-Imperial leaflets up to the point when an actual open war is declared against the Empire. The planned Chapter II will deal with the actual war, while Chapter III will deal with Morrowind after the revolution.

Features of Chapter I:

- 29 quests
- Meet unique characters in the leadership of the revolution: Falvis Tunel, a retired Redoran drillmaster and civic nationalist, Brelar Andas, ex-Redoran noble, now bloodthirsty guerilla leader, Athesie Andas; his sister, who is a hopeless romantic, and Tiras Venim, the "fascist," ruthless son of Bolvyn Venim. There are several other, less important NPCs with new personalities as well.
- New items
- Unique dialogue
- Blow up the Imperial Dragon Statue in Ebonheart, turn the Hlaalu against the Empire, and most importantly: Make Fargoth join your cause!
- Make promises to various individuals and factions to join your revolution. (In Chapter III - when it is going to be ready - you will have the opportunity to either keep or break those promises.)
- A bonus, optional quest for those who do not want to break the lore
- Andasreth is no longer a bandit stronghold, but a rebel base, with NPCs being peaceful towards the player. The mod will explain how the four dead Redorans got there.
- Further advancement in the "Ashlanders" faction.
- Easter Eggs and references to popular culture, IRL history, and the mod titled "Pax Redoran," whose authors kindly gave me permission to refer to their mod in mine.
- A document enclosed with the mod, containing the walkthrough so that you won't miss anything.

To start the mod, talk with Falvis Tunel in Hla Oad.

What is new in version 1.2? (Published on 24/06/2018)

- Several annoying bugs have been fixed (e.g. people giving rewards for quests multiple times, or when you were asked to talk with multiple people, you had to do it in a specific order) - Hopefully most of these have been rooted out in this version.
- Also a lot of typos and grammatical errors have been corrected
- There are some role-playing opportunities added to some of the quests (Comrades in Seyda Neen, and Diamonds are a Rebels' Best Friend)
- A new book: Tiras Venim's diary (provides more insight into his background)

Technical details:

- Tribunal and Bloodmoon is required.
- Installation: 7zip is required to open the folder. Put all of its content to your "Data Files" folder.
- No conflicts with any mod that I'm aware of, in fact the usage of Pax Redoran together with this mod is highly recommended for roleplaying. (It is not compulsory, of course.)
- I recommend starting a new game for this mod, and being a roleplayer (for example, not killing Orvas Dren upon becoming the Hlaalu Hortator, as he is a Dunmer nationalist, and necessary for this mod)

Should you have any problems, or if you wish to contribute to the creation of Chapter II and III, feel free to contact me on Nexus.