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A comprehensive cold weather survival mod, inspired by Skyrim's Frostfall. Craft tents, harvest firewood, make campfires, and battle the elements.

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For non-OpenMW users, check out the sequel to Frostwind:
Ashfall: a Camping, Survival and Needs Mod


Welcome to Frostwind, the cold weather camping survival mod for Morrowind! In this mod, you must battle the elements and find shelter to survive. Protect yourself from bad weather and cold nights by crafting tents out of animal hides, making campfires and sleeping in portable bedrolls.

To activate this mod, speak with Hrisskar Flat-Foot at Arrille's Tradehouse and select the "Frostwind" topic. He will give you the Frostwind Survival Guide and the Frostwind Crafting Guide. Each can be read by placing them in the world and activating. Activating them from within your inventory, either by dragging them onto your character or by assigning to a hot-key, will instead perform different functions.
The Frostwind Survival Guide, when activated this way, will trigger condition updates, giving you the time, weather, and your exposure levels. Activating the Crafting Guide will bring up the crafting menu, where you can make tents, campfires and stone axes. You can also access the Frostwind settings menu from the crafting menu, which allows you to customise your Frostwind experience, including compatibility with other mods.

Frostwind is compatible with OpenMW, but it also has features that are MWSE+LUA exclusive, such as chopping trees with an axe.

MWSE features require the latest MWSE version (which requires version 10 of MGE)
Also requires Skills Module:


Exposure ranges from 0 (comfortable) to 100 (freezing to death). As your exposure increases, you will begin to suffer penalties to your Agility, Endurance, Willpower, Speed, and Weakness to Frost.
Once your exposure reaches the point where you are freezing (80-100), you will begin to suffer from hypothermia, resulting in increasing levels of periodic frost damage until you find shelter or perish. You can disable hypothermia in the Frostwind Settings (available via the Crafting Guide menu).


Exposure Limit, like Exposure, ranges from 0 to 100, and is the value your Exposure will tend towards. For example, if your Exposure is 10 and the Exposure Limit is 50, your Exposure will increase until it reaches 50, then stop. If your Exposure was 80, it would decrease until it reached 50. The larger the difference between Exposure and Exposure Limit, the faster your Exposure will Change.
Exposure Limit is determined by the surrounding temperature and the Player's Warmth Rating.


Swimming or staying out in the rain will increase your wetness. Being wet increases your fire resistance and your weakness to frost. It also increases your exposure limit, as well as increasing the rate of exposure increase. Exposure is not affected by wetness for Argonians (but they will still be affected by resist fire / weakness to frost).


If you get caught in a blight storm, there is a chance you will catch a blight disease. The longer you stay in the storm unprotected, the higher your chance of being infected. Sleeping in a bedroll will lower your chances of catching a blight, but the only way to guarantee you won't be infected is to wait the storm out in a tent.


Condition updates are messages shown on the bottom of your screen that display the following information:

Time: 12.00pm. Weather: Raining

Exposure: [Exposure] / [Exposure Limit]

Your Exposure is decreasing/increasing

There are two ways to trigger Condition Updates. You can trigger it manually by setting the survival guide to a hot-key and activating it, or you can set periodic Condition Updates in the Frostwind Settings.

I recommend you assign the survival guide to the last hot-key and remap it to the 'C' key, so you can trigger condition updates quickly.


It gets colder at night, in bad weather, and in coastal/frigid regions of Morrowind. You can combat the cold by increasing your Warmth rating. The following will increase your warmth

- Staying dry (getting wet decreases warmth)

- Wearing armor (light armor provides more warmth than medium, and medium more than heavy armor)

- Raising your Unarmored Skill

- Holding a torch for a mild increase in warmth

- Building a campfire. The more firewood you use the hotter it will be

- Warming your hands by the fire (Ready you magic by pressing 'R', or activate it manually if you have Swift Cast Compatibility turned on)

- Frost Resistance

- Sleeping in a bedroll

- Staying inside a tent

- "Well Fed" bonus from cooking food at the campfire

- Nords and Khajiit have racial bonuses to warmth.

- If you have the mod "Immersive Alcohol" (, getting drunk will increase your warmth.

- Taking fire damage will rapidly heat you up, frost damage cools you down


Crafting items takes half an hour of game time. Any crafting that requires gathering materials can only be done outdoors, in the wilderness. To craft an item, activate the Frostwind Crafting Guide while it's in your inventory, by dragging it onto your character and exiting the inventory menu, or assigning it to a hot-key.

Make a campfire by gathering stones from the wilderness and place it on the ground. You can pick up and adjust the position of a campfire, but once it is lit, it can not be moved, only destroyed or replenished. Activate it to add firewood and activate it again to light it. The more firewood you add the more warmth it will provide and the longer it will last before going out. One piece of firewood will last for 4 hours, unless it is raining, in which case it will only last half as long.

Simply standing near a lit campfire will provide a great deal of warmth. You can increase your warmth further by warming your hands by the fire (this also provides a 1pt restore health bonus while active). To do this, raise your hands using the Ready Magic button (default 'R') while near a lit campfire. If you have a Swift Casting mod, there is a compatibility setting in the Frostwind Settings Menu that allows you to warm your hands by activating the campfire and selecting the "warm hand
s" option.

Vanilla lit campfires already in the world will also give you a warmth bonus and the warm hands buff (only if you don't have Swift Casting).

There are a number of recipes of meals you can cook at your campfire. Any meal you cook will be eaten straight away and provide you will a "Well Fed" buff, giving you 30pts fortify health. The duration of this buff depends on the meal you cook, and ranges from 4 to 7 hours. Eating multiple meals does stack the duration, but maxes out at 10 hours.


You can make a stone axe by gathering materials from the wilderness, by activating the Frostwind Crafting Guide.

Vanilla/OpenMW: Equip and draw the axe to harvest firewood. This take one hour, and will lower the axe's durability. When durability reaches 0, you won't be able to harvest any more firewood. You must be in the wilderness to harvest firewood.

MWSE+Lua: With MWSE enabled, any axe can be used to harvest firewood, by walking up to a tree and chopping it.
* The number of chops needed is random, but the larger your swings the less chops will be required
* The number of firewood harvested is random, but stronger axes have a higher yield.
* New!! Surival skill leveled up by chopping wood, determines amount of wood harvested


Craft a leather tent by activating the Frostwind Crafting Guide. Requires a total of 4 hides, using any combination of Alit, Kagouti and Guar hides. To set up your tent, place the rolled up tent on the ground and activate it.

While you are inside the tent, you will have increased warmth, com
plete coverage from the rain, and and total protection from blight storms.


Bedrolls can not be crafted, but are available to purchase at many merchants and outfitters. To use a bedroll, place it on the ground and activate it. You can only sleep where it is legal to do so.

Sleeping in a bedroll will keep you warm, provide some coverage from the rain, and halve the chance of catching a blight from blight storms while sleeping.

Sleeping in a bed or bedroll for 6 or more hours will give you a "well rested" bonus, which gives you 30pts fortify fatigue for the rest of the day.


A big thank you to RubberMan for making the leather tent mesh, and giving me advice while making the other meshes.

Shivering sound effects were taken from Skyrim's Frostfall mod

Some sound effects were made by Mike Koenig

Covered bedroll taken from Caldera Mine Expanded mod, and created by Melchior Dark

Big thanks to the Morrowind Modding Discord for a limitless supply of knowledge and advice


Frostwind is not compatible with my Realistic Sleep mod. If you've been using Realistic Sleep, get rid of it and use this instead, it's much better.

This mod is not compatible with any blight storm restoration mod, as it has its own mechanics for getting blight from blight storms.

For compatible needs mods, see WanderRA's Bare Necessities edit or KetGolosov's Tired and Hungry. Frostwind is not compatibilty with NoM.

If you have my recent mod, Immersive Alcohol, drinking alcohol will also increase your warmth.

This mod is 99% compatible with OpenMW. There is a compatibility setting in the Frostwind Settings Menu which will fix the height at which campfires are placed on the ground. The only thing I couldn't prevent is the fact that you can pick up a lit campfire in OpenMW if you click on it while in your inventory. The best I could do was immediately remove it from your inventory if this happens, so it just means you will destroy your campfire if you try to do this in OpenMW.

If you have Swift Casting, select the compatibility setting in the Frostwind Settings Menu to add a "warm hands" option when activating a lit campfire.

Please let me know if you discover any compatibility issues and I will do my best to resolve them.