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A Mod Organizer plugin to export your VFS, plugin selection and load order to OpenMW

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A Mod Organizer plugin to export your VFS, plugin selection and load order to OpenMW

Why you'd want this:
  • OpenMW has no GUI for mod directory installation and management. Mod Organizer does.
  • If you use OpenMW's VFS system to manage your mods, tools like MLOX can't see all your content files, so aren't much use. If you start these tools through Mod Organizer, it will inject its VFS into them and they'll be able to do their jobs properly.
  • Starting your game through Mod Organizer every time might be a bit of a hassle, but that's the only way to make a program see its VFS. OpenMW has its own VFS, so if you use it, you can just start OpenMW normally.
  • Mod Organizer (more specifically its VFS implementation, USVFS) has some issues that mean it doesn't always work as intended stemming from the complexity of injecting a VFS into a process only designed to load things from one directory. OpenMW's VFS is far more reliable because it's 'supposed to be there' and was therefore much simpler to write without bugs.

Put and (optionally) openmw.ico in your Mod Organizer plugins directory. If you don't want to use this plugin in English and a translation .qm file exists for this plugin in your desired language, put it in your Mod Organizer translations directory.

You'll find an 'Export to OpenMW' option under the tools menu. Clicking it will make the plugin do its thing. If you need to do anything else, you'll get a message box explaining it.

Older Mod organizer releases have issues with Python-based plugin support. When this plugin was made, the latest Mod Organizer release was 2.1.1, which is incompatible (and you had to manually find and install a plugin to make Morrowind work). These issues were resolved by the MO 2.1.2 release, so make sure you're using at least that version.

Mod Organizer 2.1.6 has Python 3 support. If you're using that, use the 2.0.0 release (although older releases will probably work just fine). If you're using a MO release older than 2.1.6, though, it will not work, so stick to the 1.x.x versions. This is a breaking change, so the first number in the version number has got bigger.

Having problems?:
If you're having a problem, you'll probably find help most quickly by asking on the MO2 Development Discord or the OpenMW Discord or forum. Usually, this is because something's wrong at your end and it should be easily fixable.

It's not impossible that this plugin still has some bugs in it, though. If you know what you're doing and see something that's definitely a bug, please report it at instead of in a comment or bug report here on the Nexus as I'll see it much sooner.

Translating this plugin:
As of version 1.1, this plugin has a .ts file. This allows people who know multiple languages to create translations of it. You can contribute your own translations at and I'll try to include them in the next release. If you want to translate to a language that isn't listed there, there should be a Request Language button somewhere.

Complete translations:
  • Polish by Yoosk
  • French by Starsheep
  • Italian by Brezza TM

Future possibilities:
  • As the Mod Organizer Morrowind plugin matures, this tool will gradually become more useful.
  • This plugin could be adapted to use callbacks so it runs automatically whenever you make any changes in Mod Organizer
  • If Mod Organizer ever re-implements archive management, this plugin could copy Mod Organizer's list to OpenMW's fallback-archive list.