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Have issues with the game crashing on exit? This might help!

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Expeditious Exit
MWSE-Lua mod by NullCascade

Part of the May Modathon Month

"First time after install, I was just working on my shaders. Then I casually clicked exit. Then nothing happened... It was just... Morrowind vanished. Even the Dwemer didn't disappear this quickly. This is the quickest exit of all programs I have." -- vtastek

This mod is for people who seem to have issues crashing or losing mouse control on exit. By hijacking the exit buttons, this mod will force the game to exit.

Doing it this way isn't wonderful! In a perfect world we wouldn't do it this way, but if it helps you, great.

Requirements & Installation:
This mod requires Morrowind Graphic Extender (MGE-XE) version 0.10.0 or later. Older versions will not work with MWSE 2.0+! Additionally, it will require the latest nightly build of MWSE 2.1.

To install the mod, extract the archive into your Morrowind installation folder. There is no ESP to activate.

This mod is very simple in practice. When you click the exit button in the main menu, the application will be forced to close. This isn't the nicest way to close up shop, but it's better than the instability Morrowind can sometimes show when closing.